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By: Latitude Kinsale  05/12/2011

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We have completed exciting projects all over the world – the portfolio will give you an idea of what’s possible.
Chart types, framing inspiration, lighting and size all play a part in creating your ideal piece
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3D Nautical Charts, Light Charts, Chart Tables

The sea and coastline evokes a special emotion in people, we connect it in different ways, vacations, recreation or simply taking a walk by the sea. In there modern times it is dificult to find something as unique and personal as the products and services that Latitiude Kinsale provide. Capture them in a personalised 3D or Light Chart and don’t let those memories fade away.


3D Nautical Charts - Latitude Kinsale

A nautical chart is attractive because of its presentation, the land is shaped by the sea and it is this shape that is instantly recognisable to all who have an interest for whatever reason, it could be that we live there, we sail on the ocean close by or we simply have fond memories.


Light Charts - Latitude Kinsale

Our clients will stand testimony to our work, our commitment to quality and our assurance of providing you with a unique solution no matter where you live in the world. Being creative is the key to Latitude Kinsale's success, you know that the work is very high quality and that the end result is truly a work of art.


Table Charts - Latitude Kinsale

Consider for a moment that the inside of any boat is very limited on wall space, hanging any kind of art is difficult because of the space available and matching the decor can be very difficult. Imagine entering the cabin at night with the surround lighting casting its soft light into the cabin now you have "the wow factor" that sets your boat apart from the rest now matter wheat size.


Storyboard Charts - Latitude Kinsale

A prize for the willing media reporter on the Volvo Ocean race showing four locations that depicted the race: The start in Alicante, Cape of Good Hope, Cape Horn and the finish in St Petersburg. Being creative is the key to Latitude Kinsale-s success, you know that their work is very high quality and that the end result is truly a work of art that will last a lifetime and more.