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By: Latamhub  05/12/2011
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Outsourcing Software Development

LATAMhub is a new generation outsourcing Software Company that understands business and the integration of IT in business. We have chosen a strategic global model combining the best of onshore and offshore outsourcing software development to deliver premium quality services and products to our clients at affordable costs.

With LATAMhub custom software development services, you reduce outsourcing software development costs and enhance revenue growth due to our:

·          High responsiveness

·          Skilled and organized personnel

·          Solid experience in projects of different complexity and scope

·          Mature software development process

·          On-time and within budget delivery

·          Cost-competitive custom software programming services

IT Consultancy

Our team of skilled IT specialists works with you to provide a tailored solution to meet your exact business and budgetary requirements. 

We offer full service consulting on information technology and its application to business solutions. Our primary business model focuses on database design, custom software development, IT consulting, and all aspects of web services and web site design.

Whatever your needs, we share with you a strategic vision and plan for successful IT decision-making with practical business benefits.

The activities itemized below can be carried out as the first phase of a software project, preceding the programming phase. The main objective is to provide the customer with a reliable and competent technology advice that provides an optimal approach to implementation and deployment of the envisioned software system.

o         Business-case analysis and conceptualization of a software solution

o         Business and technical requirements

o         Feasibility study, technology research, solution prototyping

o         Blue-printing, preparation of a complete technical specification

o         Software project planning, management

For most software projects, at least some of these activities are carried out in order to have reliable project budget and timeframe estimations.

Software Development

We can tailor a software application to your business needs within fixed timeframes and budget. We can also analyze your existing business application and propose a cost-effective re-design/enhancement that will enable you to reach your business targets with a cutting-edge technical solutions.

Our teams of certified IT specialists have extensive experience of designing, coding, testing and follow-up technical support for software products.

You send specification and requirements. Our specialists evaluate the volume and difficulty of work and tell you the cost and time. Upon completing all the works we send you software product including instructions and documentation and provide you with the follow-up technical support.

LATAMhub custom programming services comprise an array of software development activities:

o         Development of custom Internet applications/solutions

o         Development of databases, software to support your business processes

o         Porting, re-engineering of legacy software applications

o         Maintenance, support of customer's software

o         Integration of third-party components/applications, reverse engineering

o         Customization, integration  

Our company will suggest the most experienced programming professionals for every specific type of technical task, while the customer approves the final project team staff. Every piece of software delivered undergoes a rigid corporate-wide quality assurance process. LATAMhub leverages the best industry practices, international standards’ guidelines and specialized project management software to ensure total transparency and manageability of the project activities for the customer. Even if the list above does not specify the exact type of a custom programming services you need to take care of, please contact us with initial questions, and our analysts will readily provide their comments about how we can assist you.

Web Design

Every project is unique, and we treat it that way. We listen to our clients, and involve you in every step of the process to ensure that the vision of your company comes through on every page. We begin with a discovery process that allows us to understand both the short and long term goals of your website. Not only how you want to brand yourself online but also what you want to accomplish.

As experienced website designers we have a working understanding of visual language. In order to present our art and ideas, LATAMhub has a mastery of leading industry tools. Our graphic design expertise gives us the power to turn ideas into real-world solutions. We work to build websites that communicate an emphasis on structural quality and professionalism for our clients. We offer experience with: HTML Coding, Javascript, Cascading Style Sheets, and Form Layout. We have expertise with a wide variety of professional programming and layout tools.


Information Technology systems play a major role in enabling business strategy and in achieving an organization's business goals. Correspondingly, staffing and resource allocation have become critical business issues at most corporations, large and small alike. Is your organization looking for solutions to business problems such as lack of trained resources, delayed executions, inability to keep up with rapid technological changes or labor shortages?

LATAMhub provides expert outsourced application design, offshore software development and integration of software applications and components. We help software companies spend smarter by strategically leveraging offshore development services to achieve the benefits of shorter software development cycles, faster time to market, and reduced software development cost.

We are an IT Staffing Firm and can provide solutions to all your staffing and resource issues, rapid turnaround and cost-competitive services. Our clients rely on us for the following essential services.
· Contract Staffing
· Contract-to-Permanent Staffing

These services are provided across all technical skill sets. We have been able to service our customers' requirements through access to a very large talent pool.

Project Management

In any outsourced project, establishing the most effective project management is crucial. That is the reason why we take utmost care in assigning a project manager to a project. In some cases, the project manager is local to the client and works closely with the client throughout the project lifecycle. In others, we assign a project manager in our offshore office to correspond with the project manager from the client side.

The very first task of the project manager is to develop a comprehensive Project Management Plan (PMP) that establishes the following:

o         Process Customization

o         Communication Plan

o         Roles and Responsibilities - Who does what on the project team; reporting and escalation mechanisms.

o         Project Audit Plan - How will the project checkpoints be audited to ensure that they have been followed consistently.

In addition to the PMP, the project manager and technical team leader are responsible for developing, tracking, and adjusting a Microsoft Project Plan (MPP) / Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that details all the tasks to be carried out, who is assigned to work on each task, milestones and deadlines for deliverables, and overall phasing of the project.

Project manager takes up following responsibilities to organize the management of the project from beginning to end:

o         Project Scope Matrix (PSM) - Limitations of the scope, the major milestones and timelines that must be achieved, and the overall business objectives of the project.

o         Software Configuration Management Plan (SCMP) - What tools to use for version control, build and releases.

o         Change Control Process - The objectives process of requesting a change to the scope or requirements of a project and how to reach sign off by both the client and our team on each change request.

Software Application Development Methodology

Managing complex software development projects is about efficient utilization of resources, risk management, accurate estimation of budgets and timelines, experienced selection of appropriate technologies, and scheduling feature development to meet time-to-market requirements. Risk is a reality in every project; LATAMhub iterative methodology for software development is designed specifically to mitigate risk.

The most important question to answer before starting product development is: Why is this product needed in the marketplace? The answer to this question constitutes the business objectives of the product that should drive its entire lifecycle. A software product's development lifecycle is comprised of four facets:

o         Requirements: What features will the product have?

o         Design: How will the product offer these features?

o         Coding: How will the features be coded and unit tested?

o         Testing and delivery: How will the product be tested and delivered to customers?

These four facets are managed by a project plan that determines when the software product will offer the required features.

 In a traditional Waterfall lifecycle model, the project plan organizes the four phases in a strict serial order. A lot of time is spent up front to define and analyze requirements and to complete the design of the target system before a line of code is written. This model does not handle changes in requirements or design well. In addition, it creates an artificial separation between business analysts, architects, designers, and programmers, leading to the risk of miscommunication and divergence between the business objectives and vision of a software product and its implementation.

Using an Iterative lifecycle model, the four facets of a software product are integrated so that business objectives drive the entire process, and the requirements and design are continuously refined while the code evolves. The project plan arranges the development into small releases, and mandates continuing integration of all coded components, incremental builds, and periodic validation of refined requirements and design. By doing so, it encourages a shared ownership of the product among business analysts, software architects, designer, programmers, and testers; this shared ownership reduces the risk of miscommunication and divergence. It also enables continuing refinement and integration to avoid any unpleasant surprises just before the delivery date.

The Benefits of LATAMhub Iterative Methodology are the following:

o         Quick feedback loop from business stakeholders to engineering back to business stakeholders

o         Rapid software product conceptualization and materialization through prototyping

o         Ability to refine requirements and design, and handle changes in both in the early phases of a product lifecycle

o         Focus on getting the highest priority features and the highest risk features implemented as fast as possible

o         Ability to validate pieces of design incrementally, providing continuous analysis and mitigating the risks


We take every care to ensure that the software we build satisfies our client's requirements. The only way to ensure that is to perform quality assurance throughout the software lifecycle. We typically involve a lead quality engineer in the early phases of a project to participate in requirements elicitation and analysis, to ensure that our quality assurance team understands the business objectives and the detailed requirements. This understanding enables the team to develop a comprehensive quality assurance plan for the project that includes the following elements:

o         Test Plan and Test Cases - We develop a complete testing plan based on the requirements. The test plan includes unit, integration and system testing. The test plan includes all the test cases that typically cover functionality, error handling, performance, scalability, and fail over, among other required tests. The test plan and test cases are validated with the client during the early stages of a project, and are refined and enhanced during the downstream activities (detailed design and coding).

o         Traceability Matrix - During the software lifecycle we trace the requirements to the design components, to the code modules, and to the test cases. This enables us to track changes to the requirements and to validate the test plan covers all requirements and all design elements.

o         Peer reviews of designs and code - Depending on the size and duration of a project, we conduct design and code reviews with architects and engineers from outside the project. These reviews provide an opportunity for valuable feedback and independent perspective.

o         Acceptance Plan - At the beginning of each iteration of a project, we develop a detailed acceptance plan that describes all the expected deliverables during or at the end of the iteration. The client signs off on the acceptance plan to indicate agreement on the expected results.

The quality engineers staffed on a project are responsible for implementing, tracking and adjusting the quality assurance plan to make sure that it is completed successfully by the delivery date.

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