Lanotec - Natural Wool Lanolin Products

By: Lanotec Industries  05/12/2011

For general lubrication & corrosion protection of automotive, electrical, sporting, & gardening equipment as well as the rejuvenation of aluminium, vinyls, leather & plastics. Ideal for light industrial, electrical and household application. Rust protection for 4WD's, trailers, caravan and boats. Moisture barrier for electrical equipment, motors and pumps.

For use in harsh & corrosive environments where extra protection is required. Heavy Duty contains 40% more lanolin offering greater protection in corrosive environments. Anhydrous lanolin is mixed with non flammable paraffinic carriers to allow ease of application and enhance penetration, the liquid carrier evaporates leaving a residue of pure anhydrous lanolin.

A multi purpose Type "A" Grease food grade approved. An excellent lubricant, water, salt and acid resistant. Also non conductive 70kV. Ideal chain & wire rope lube, anti-seize, drill aid, rubber grease (non-perishing), nozzle dip. (Defence NSN Available)

Perfect for protecting and rejuvenating timbers. Timber Seal is nature's solution to protecting the timber she grows for us. TIMBER SEAL - A seasoned timber & decking finish. Penetrates, preserves & weatherproofs timber as well as preventing drying, splitting & end grain swelling. Timber Seal will also extend the life of the timber. TIMBER SEAL PLUS - For use on jetties, boardwalks, piers & marinas. Specially formulated for rough sawn timber. Timber Seal PLUS is safe to use in environmentally sensitive areas.

A powerful, natural, biodegradable, citrus based cleaner and degreaser, the perfect partner for lanolin. For removal of tar, oil, carbons, uncured silicone and grease. Cleaning of tools and equipment. Use in the kitchen and bathroom. Removal of adhesive residue from stickers and labels. Safety Harness cleaner. Cleaning of metal surfaces prior to painting.

Ultimate corrosion Protection in highly corrosive environment. UP is NOT a lubricant but provides Ultimate Protection in areas such as Machinery & Equipment, Storage Protetion, Internal of Fertiliser Shed, Ship Voids, Pump Electrical Cabintes, Chemical Storage, Sale & Fertiliser Transport and Cattle & Animal Transport. Very little preparation is required, just spray, wipe or roll onto a clean dry surface. To remove use Lanotec Citra-Force.