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By: Kutana  05/12/2011

Manage your documents and reduce the amount you print and spend with Kutana's software


Makes complex printing tasks easy

We can now offer software that simplifies print processes. Reduce the amount you print..

Disclaim for Outlook

Disclaim for Outlook

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Green Print - Kutana

Importantly Kappris print driver removes the need for users to understand the print devices and the print process, they are given a simple list of pre-defined print options and can easily change these. This ability to influence the Outlook print has a significant impact on an organisations waste, reducing and consolidating the amount of paper used, helping to ensure environmental targets are met.


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Customisation of Off-the-Shelf Software - Microsoft Word, including document templates and add-in templates, VBA, COM add-ins, automation and integration. Filing and Retrieval - including ODMA development, version-enabled Word hyperlinks and, DOCSOpen, Interwoven, Hummingbird, Worldox integration. Windows Applications - Executables and DLLs, including COM and Microsoft Office add-ins.


Kappris - Kutana Software

Reduce the amount you print and save money .Kappris allows you to control print throughout your firm by creating and editing print macro rules for simple print management. Many firms experience problems printing pdf files to HP printers, Kappris will redirect all these files away from HP devices to machines capable of handling the print job.


Kappris Professional - Kutana

Easy to manage - Users can organise their signatures, administrators can organise company-wide content such as disclaimers and company messages centrally. No need for Exchange or any other server software - Only Microsoft Outlook is required. If your system performs well without Disclaim, it will perform well with Disclaim. Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7.