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By: Kutana  05/12/2011
Keywords: toner cartridges, Environmental Compliance, colour printers

Environmental compliance and cost reduction are two key challenges of any modern office.

With the average employee printing 10,000 sheets of paper each year, gaining control of how users print can significantly reduce print costs and improve environmental performance.

The Kappris print driver simplifies print processes to allow administrative control of how users print. Instead of constricting their ability and freedom it actually gives users control over how they print through several options from drop-down menus. This interface is easy to use with clear descriptions for each option. It will give your organisation the key savings of using fewer toner cartridges and less paper, which impacts significantly on waste to landfill and your reprographic costs.  Kappris does this by simply making your print processes more efficient.

How it Works

An administrator has control over the set-up of the driver, controlling the options that users will get from the drop-down print option menu.  This can be configured so that particular applications are set to default mono and double-sided.  The users will be able to change these options through the print menu feature where they can select a variety of other options such as single sided print and colour.  This way of suggesting print rules for particular applications is especially useful for Microsoft Outlook printing.

In addition the driver introduces rules-based printing onto your system.  This can be configured so that any print jobs over a certain number of pages are automatically sent to the most efficient print device.  This is also the case for colour jobs where they can be sent to the cheapest colour device.  Essentially you are taking the responsibility of ensuring efficient print away from the user and creating a system whereby it works without their input.

Printing from Outlook

This ability to influence the Outlook print has a significant impact on an organisations waste, reducing and consolidating the amount of paper used, helping to ensure environmental targets are met.

Ease of Use

The driver integrates with systems seamlessly, delivering a user-friendly print environment.  When users print they are taken to the normal print options box, this is automatically configured to suit the document in accordance with the rules set out by the administrator.  This can be anything from a letter to a file copy.  The administrator will also have the option of enforcing these rules or suggesting them, in this way the user can change the options to suit their specific print needs.  The advanced nature of the program means that the driver will only display printers capable of fulfilling the chosen print requirements.  For example, if the user has selected the option to print a colour booklet only colour printers with a staple finisher will be displayed.

Importantly Kappris print driver removes the need for users to understand the print devices and the print process, they are given a simple list of pre-defined print options and can easily change these.  This results in a change to print behaviour without the effort that this would usually involve.  Changing behaviour within an organisation can be particularly hard, users are familiar with the way they work and facilitating change can be challenging.  With the print driver this process becomes simplified and thus easier for users at all levels.

In addition it is simple to administer, new forms of printing can be added and existing templates edited should a new logo or signature be introduced.

Significant Toner Savings

Discarded toner cartridges are becoming increasing problematic for waste disposal.  One cartridge can take up to 450 years to decompose, resulting in an incredible number in landfill.  Indeed, taking all the discarded cartridges in the world from just one year and stacking them end-to-end they would circle the earth over three times.  These statistics demonstrate the need to reduce the amount of toner used and Kappris print driver has been developed to do this while retaining print quality.

In the same way that the administrator can define different set-ups for print, such as official letter or draft copy, this can be used to reduce the amount of toner used on each copy. 100% toner coverage is the default setting for all letter and out-going documents with a lower setting for file copies or internal documents.  This does not negatively impact on the print quality of the document, the result is a document that uses less toner and conforms to your environmental policy but retains the professional and corporate look of your documents.


Kappris print driver has a number of key benefits to any organisation, and this is not restricted to reducing the amount of toner and paper used.  A complete top-down model of print behaviour is introduced where you can ensure printing is defined along corporate lines.  This is done through rules based printing in which users can also control the way they print by using the drop-down menus to change options.  Printing along corporate lines is particularly important as you can keep track of the amount of printing being done, essentially giving the organisation control over the way users print.

The ease of use ensures that both administrators and users can get to grips with the fundamentals of the program quickly.  Administrators can easily define how users print through a number of pre-selected suggested or enforced rules, and users actually get a print dialogue box that is easier to use and understand than the default Windows interface.

Perhaps the key outcome of introducing the Kappris print driver is changing users' print behaviour. The print driver will allow you to model the behaviour you wish the user to display resulting in changes to the way the organisation prints from every member of staff.

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