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By: Knowledgepoint  05/12/2011

KnowledgePoint has positioned itself as a pioneer in applying Continuous Integration (CI) principles and processes to a wide variety of technologies, some of which are not normally associated with the CI domain.

KnowledgePoint is currently able to deliver projects for Java, J2EE,, C#, Php, Python, C, C++, Objective C (iPhone), J2ME, Symbian, Android, as well as solutions for Silverlight, Flash, Joomla, Wordpress, and other CMS and Blog instances.

How is KnowledgePoint able to do this?

KnowledgePoint created a Distributed Agile Development (DAD) process. At the heart of this best of breed out-sourced and off-shored distributed development is Assembla. Assembla is a cloud computing environment for managing your distributed development team and distributed project. Source code repositories are at the heart of everything we do. It is the centre of our collaborative solution. Subversion, Git, Mercurial, or any other source control repository can be included in our process. A Ticketing System is used to track tasks, issues, bugs, and most importantly staff. A collaboration system comprising a wiki, file share, message board, and developer activity stream so that everyone benefits from knowledge gained developing the project. Yammer is used as a solution for Instant Messenger for our development team - it is a cross between Skype & Twitter ideal for a development team working to their maximum potential.

KnowledgePoint runs Hudson in our continuous integration cloud which builds our projects in a CI manner. Because of our agile methodologies based around test driven development and CI, this gives you the satisfaction to know that, as your project is being delivered, KnowledgePoint provides visibility on your software integration. All of our projects are deployed onto test servers in our cloud in order to test them in this continuous manner as they are being developed.

The following methods are employed in order to continuously test your project:
1) A unit test framework in the language of your codebase is created to unit test your functionality, i.e. jUnit, xUnit, phpUnit.
2) System, functional, and acceptance test frameworks are developed to ensure that your user stories are tested robustly, i.e. webdriver, selenium, dbUnit.

KnowledgePoint also use code coverage tools like Clover to calculate the percentage of code covered when the test suites run. KnowledgePoint use a Project Overview Dashboard (POD) so that projects can be easily tracked and overseen by customers.

KnowledgePoint's agile process embraces other quality assurance processes. For each project, KnowledgePoint develop and agree a Quality Assurance plan with the customer. Both the ISO 9001 IT and CMMI fit easily into our processes so that the software we deliver and the means of tracking the project adhere to the Quality Assurance standard that you require.

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The primary drivers of the outsourcing models are to reduce project costs, faster turn around times, provide access to diversified pool of skilled professionals and to add innovation and quality skills. At some point the scale of outsourcing may demand more comprehensive resource management, in these cases KnowledgePoint provide project / program management and other work structure related services.


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In response to the increased geographic and cultural diversity within each organisation KnowledgePoint seeks to unify the current Requirements and Development processes, Test Driven Development processes, Manual Test, and Automated Test processes.