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By: Knowledgepoint  05/12/2011

In today's world there is a disconnect between an Agile Development process, and the distributed working nature of a leading edge global organisation. Some people work from home, others work either permanently or temporarily in other locations, both domestically and internationally. The challenges of communication and knowledge transfer are immense.

The 10am daily scrum meetings become a little harder to arrange and attend when the development team is distributed over many timezones. They generally don't take 10 minutes, they cease to be stand up meetings and loose their effect.

Cultural factors compound the challenge of unifying the team into a coherent and efficient unit. The business pressures of on-time delivery, high-quality and rapid time-to-market are ever growing. Against this backdrop, the agile development process must live up to its name. It must show its agility and evolve.

Within the scope of a Software Development organisation, there are many teams who like any ecosystem, co-exist and are interdependent, and like nature must adapt and streamline to give maximum efficiency to the development process.

Teams usually get broken down into design, development, automated testing, manual testing, deployment, etc. When investing in pursuit of best practice, processes often evolve around each team, and as a result are 'silo'ed in their approach. The development world is littered with well-intentioned but ineffective process improvement initiatives because of the disjointed nature of the approach. Even worse, unless properly managed, these contending drives for efficiency can actually hinder other teams and cause inefficiencies and barriers to overall improvement.

KnowledgePoint aims to assist in the implementation of Distributed Agile Development Process for its clients. In response to the increased geographic and cultural diversity within each organisation KnowledgePoint seeks to unify the current Requirements and Development processes, Test Driven Development processes, Manual Test, and Automated Test processes. KnowledgePoint aims to leverage the existing investment across disparate initiatives and deliver overall project efficiencies by unifying and integrating the process approach.

By integrating these into fluid organisational processes, KnowledgePoint expect:

Improved software quality as it is developed.

Vastly reduced regression cycle time.

Faster software acceptance through reduced test cycle iterations.

Improved customer project satisfaction.

Increase the return on existing investment in process improvement.

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Solutions - Tools & Technologies

Because of our agile methodologies based around test driven development and CI, this gives you the satisfaction to know that, as your project is being delivered, KnowledgePoint provides visibility on your software integration. KnowledgePoint has positioned itself as a pioneer in applying Continuous Integration principles and processes to a wide variety of technologies, some of which are not normally associated with the CI domain.


Solutions - Customer Engagement Models

The primary drivers of the outsourcing models are to reduce project costs, faster turn around times, provide access to diversified pool of skilled professionals and to add innovation and quality skills. At some point the scale of outsourcing may demand more comprehensive resource management, in these cases KnowledgePoint provide project / program management and other work structure related services.