By: Kmw Surveys  05/12/2011
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Our company was established in 1999 in Athlone Co. Westmeath, Ireland. From the very beginning KMW SURVEYS Ltd. kept it's main focus on topographic surveying as well as setting out boundaries.

The services we provide include Land Surveying, Setting out boundaries, AutoCAD works and consultancy. Due to using the latest precise equipment we are able to achieve millimeters accuracy everywhere.

Topographical Surveys:
A highly accurate detailed map of the Earth’s Surface usually for a specific site or district. This is created using electronic instruments linked to computer programs. The surveyor on the ground reads hundreds of points and inserts codes into the survey instrument and a drawing is later completed at the office. Typically this map will be contoured, and will also show the levels of buildings, roads, manholes and streams and the position of all objects. We provide the finished drawings on CAD or on paper plots.

Boundary Surveys:
A map produced to check and record the position of a particular boundary. This is created using electronic instruments linked to computer programs. The surveyor on the ground surveys as much detail in the general area as possible, including the boundary to be checked. When the survey is processed on computer a paper plot is created and this is then compared against the Legal Registered Boundaries. Usually a report is drafted to show the findings and stake out the boundaries if required.

Many clients wish to consult with us to discuss the accuracy rquirements for their particular project, and the applications to which survey data can be applied. Other people end up in awkward situations for one reason or another, and need reassurance with regard to boundary issues or neighbouring development concerns, and may need advice on how to approach their particular problem. We give the support and advice as deemed necessary to guide them in the right direction.

Land Transfer Mapping:
In Ireland there are two ways to hold legal title to property. Firstly, there is the older Registry of Deeds Title. This form of title is of high quality, but from a mapping perspective it can be poor, as there is also a written description of the property in the Deed. Secondly, there is Land Registry Title, which is map based and a record of all registered property is held at the Land Registry Office. We prepare the maps for the transfer of land and property units for both Registry of Deeds and Land Registry. We also prepare maps to correct errors in title maps – which is a common occurence.

Auctioneering Mapping:
We produce maps for the sale of property and lands. Normally we produce a Location Map to guide the client to the general area, and a Property Map to show the exact extents of the Unit or Lands in sale. We also examine the title maps and verify the boundaries, and finally calculate and certify the area.

This is the artistic part of mapping. Cartography takes into account the information being presented, the compilation of the information and the use of colour, linetypes, symbols and text in the finished drawings. In the current high-tech world, cartography has been pushed to one side in favour of speed and price. We have always endeavoured to keep our drawings cartographically correct. We are also exploring the subject of Map Art.

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