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By: Kingspan Environmental  05/12/2011
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A Range of High Capacity Pumping Systems for Domestic & Commercial Applications

As the specification by Municipal Agencies has increased over the years, emergency storage requirements have become a mainstay for most applications in line with current legislation.

To accommodate this, Klargester has specifically developed a range of pumping stations which incorporate storage requirements which can be expanded to cater for most applications.

Designed for Quality, Reliability & Peace of Mind

The 2.6m Horizontal Pumping Station is manufactured from robust GRP and incorporates a 100mm reinforcing rib at 770mm intervals. The construction has an 8mm nominal wall thickness to provide a durable and rigid tank system.

The station is designed to incorporate the pump sump at one end of the tank. An integral wall separates the sump section from the holding tank section.

The integral wall has an overflow to allow the effluent to pass to the holding tank in a high level situation. The overflow is screened to 12mm particle size to prevent floating debris and grease from passing from the sump to the holding tank, thereby easing the cleaning process. At a low level in the integral wall, a non-return valve is installed to allow the flow to return to the sump when the system becomes operational again.

The system is simple in design and construction for ease of maintenance.


The system range is suitable for the following applications:

  • Housing developments with up to 24hr storage requirements (10 - 500 houses)
  • Commercial developments
  • Industrial developments
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Caravan and camping sites


  • Single tank installation up to 80m³ (multiple tank systems available)
  • Multiple valve chamber location and invert options • Weir cover screen prevents solids passing into main storage chamber
  • Unique weir screen cleaning facility removes need to access the chamber during maintenance
  • High level alarm (as applicable)
  • Totally sealed system
  • Factory pre-fabricated under controlled conditions to ensure consistent high quality construction
  • Minimal on-site assembly


  • Easy to install - one piece tank chamber
  • Less cranage requirements compared to concrete pumping stations
  • On-site Health & Safety issues are minimised - no requirement for personnel to enter the tank during excavation on-site to complete installation work
  • Reduced maintenance - easy cleaning out of holding tank
  • Shallower excavation compared to concrete pumping stations

The comprehensive range of quality pumps offers solutions for most applications. Pump sizes range from 0.35kW to 12kW for the standard package pumping system.

Pump Chamber Dimensions

Model Overall Length (mm) Total Storage Capacity (ltr)
PSTOR24-01 4,314 18,302
PSTOR24-02 5,076 22,348
PSTOR24-03 5,843 26,420
PSTOR24-04 6,610 30,493
PSTOR24-05 7,380 34,581
PSTOR24-06 8,150 38,669
PSTOR24-07 8,915 42,730
PSTOR24-08 9,680 47,748
PSTOR24-09 10,451 50,886
PSTOR24-10 11,222 54,979
PSTOR24-11 13,523 67,196
PSTOR24-12 15,065 75,383
  24 Hour Storage Capacity (approx)
Model 0.5-2.0m Invert (ltr) 2.5m Invert (ltr 3.0m Invert (ltr)
PSTOR24-01 6,985 5,578 3,665
PSTOR24-02 6,985 5,578 3,665
PSTOR24-03 10,771 8,566 5,688
PSTOR24-04 14,582 11,574 7,724
PSTOR24-05 18,393 14,582 9,761
PSTOR24-06 22,219 17,602 11,805
PSTOR24-07 26,044 20,622 13,849
PSTOR24-08 29,845 23,622 15,880
PSTOR24-09 33,646 26,623 17,911
PSTOR24-10 37,477 29,646 19,587
PSTOR24-11 44,308 32,670 22,005
PSTOR24-12 52,704 41,694 28,114

Key points to consider

Klargester have a team of pump experts on hand to advise you on the correct product for your site. All we need from you is information on key factors such as:

  • Application: e.g. domestic residential/commercial
  • Sewage, effluent or surface water?
  • Inlet depth (below ground level)
  • Pumping distance + lift Electrical supply

For further guidance on the measurements and sizing data required, simply give us a call. Once completed our team will provide you with a solution.

Contact our Technical Department for further information

Keywords: pumping systems

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