Gertrude Lawler » Natural Fragranced Candles

By: Kinesicare  05/12/2011

Gertrude Lawler » Natural Fragranced Candles

Luxury Candles by Max Benjamin

Fig Leaves & Cedar: Green characteristics scent of freshly picked fig leaves on a woody cedar background.

Blue Velvet Elderberry: These berries which grow in the moist forest of north America have a natural cleansing aroma. The scent has a mild sweet accord with oils of Lily, Rose & Cyclamen.

Lemongrass & Ginger: This frangrace has an uplifting blend of oils to liven your spirits. Light this candle anywhere from the kitchen to your bathroom and feel the cleansing power of this aroma.

Blended oils of lavender: from the South of France create this classic relaxing formula .Always there to help us unwind and de-stress, True Lavender, Pure and Simple!

Hamanasu: Hamanasu, meaning “Shore Pear”, is a flower found along the coastal dunes of Japan. Its romantic aroma has a blend of essential Rose oils on a delicate bed of fresh green leaves.

Grapefruit & Pomela: This aroma has a blend of subtropical grapefruit infused with oils of Pomelo & Orange Flower.

White Lillies: Open this box and unleash the distinctive aroma of one of natures most elegant white flowers. Heady and fresh, this aroma is sure to stir your senses.

NEW! Fench linen water: This soft flora aroma includes lavender, sweet orange, petit grain and some light citrus notes.

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Relax Your Body And Mind In An Atmosphere Created By A Luxurious Range Of Natural, Toxin Free Candles.

  • Produced By Max Benjamin, An Irish Owned Company.
  • Manufactured Using Natural Vegetable Soy Wax, Essential & Fragrance Oils And Lead Free Wicks Producing A Healthy Aroma Throughout Your Home.
  • Natural Wax Produces A Cleaner Burn Than Paraffin Wax Therefore Max Benjamin Candles Are Free From Blackening Smoke Or Soot.
  • Eight natural scents available

6.5oz Candles, Burning Time Of 40hours Approx. Trim the wick to 5mm each time before you light your candle.

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