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A recent tongue-in-cheek internet article on a health site alleges: ‘it’s time to look for a new job when, amongst others, your paycheck bounces; you suddenly find your desk has moved in between the canteen and the broom cupboard and you’re asked to account for necessary expenditures like stationary.’

Although amusing, some of the listed items are frighteningly realistic.  It’s safe to say that most of us have, at least at some point, considered giving it all up to go travel or the likes.   If you have a keen interest in getting to know more about the world and have a good general knowledge regarding travel you could discover a whole new career in the tourism industry. An option exists for anyone who loves to travel and is in the market for a new job, or already in the tourism business and would just like to hone their skills: Tourism courses. 

There are many institutions that offer online tourism courses which specialize in, amongst other things, management and information technology applications for tourism.
Apart from that, one can also specialize in either tourism for business or leisure, or for a certain destination such as Ireland or Africa.


As potential clients remain well informed because they can get any information they want on the internet, it is of the utmost importance that anyone in the tourism or hospitality field constantly up their skills and knowledge by doing tourism courses. A working knowledge of different target audiences such as adventure travel, backpacking, honeymoons, family travel, volunteer holidays will also help you to build on a set of skills to fill the various travel niches in existence today.

Employers also prefer travel consultants who have a good knowledge of the latest technology with regard to tourism.  Add to that a good general knowledge, management skills and vocational training, and it just ups your chances of making it in the tourism business a whole lot more.

Benefits of tourism courses

Many might also feel that this is a much more noble and satisfying job as clients, although surely difficult, are not busy doing grudge purchases when they deal with you.  If you are patriot, one might even find a certain sense of pride in creating a love for their beautiful country in others and play a part in bettering your country’s global stance.

For the more worldly and ecologically-conscious, it’s worth doing a tourism course in sustainable tourism also known as volunteer tourism.  This aims to ensure that tourism not only benefits the actual tourist, but is also a positive experience for the tourism companies, the locals and the environment. 

And if every travel agent were well educated in management, their field of tourism, client service, IT and sustainable tourism, it’s not hard to foresee a prolonged, positive relationship between tourists, foreign countries and their travel agents.

Conclusively, a course in tourism is a good idea for anyone who dislikes their current job, loves traveling, or wants to up their game.


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