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By: Ecocooling Ireland  05/12/2011
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There are three EcoCooling Evaporative Cooling Systems

  • ECP Plastic
  • ECM Metal
  • ECI Large Industrial

All systems utilise the same electrical control systems and utilise Munters CelDek filter pads.

Methods of installation are shown below:

The method of fitting is dictated by a number of factors which can only be ascertained during a detailed site survey.

These include:

  • Roof access
  • Roof construction
  • Availability of services

The coverage of an area may be either complete or spot cooling

Complete coverage is achieved by arranging the air distribution around the area. Spot cooling can take the form of a single cooler in an area or directing the flow of air down natural corridors in a building between the heat generating equipment.

The diagram below shows examples of how air flows can be introduced into a work area. The

left hand diagram shows a complete coverage by interleaving the air flows. The other two show how the air is directed between the machines to where the people are normally working. The hot

 air naturally rises from the machines and is normally extracted at high level.

The cool air naturally falls and fills the spaces between the machines.

External Roof Mounted

The diagram above shows how a ECP unit is installed on a conventional sloped roof. The weight of the unit is supported by the ductwork which in turn is supported from the structural steelwork of the building. The cool air is distributed using a 8-way plenum. Normally the input of the units is balanced with an extract system to provide an appropriate level of positive or negative pressure within the building. Extraction control can be easily linked to the evaporative cooler controls.

It is preferable to discharge the cool air as low as possible and extract the warmer air from the highest practical point in the building. Great care must be taken to ensure a weather proof installation

There are two options for the discharge point from a ECSS Cooler:

This allows a number of installation methods to be used

Once again the building pressure would normally be balanced with an appropriate level of extract.

The flow rate of the units must always be matched by the ventilation otherwise the relative humidity of the building will rise

The internal mobile unit is a stainless steel constructed cooler designed to be both portable and robust.

Units can either be top or side discharge. They are normally connected to a permanent water supply and a permanent drain. A single phase 10A 240 V electrical supply is required.

Adequate ventilation must be provided. This ventilation must equal or exceed the throughput of the units to prevent a build up of humidity which can lead to both loss of efficiency and discomfort.

Keywords: Cooler, Evaporative Cooling, ventilation

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