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By: Ic Insulations  05/12/2011
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IC Insulations provides a complete range of cavity wall, internal dry lining and roof/attic insulation services to a range of customers and properties in addition to BER assesment and certification.

Cavity Wall Insulation

We use the 27 plus Graphite Silver Bead Injected Cavity Wallbead System to insulate your home. This is installed into the cavity via a series of 1.8cm holes drilled into your external walls. The insulation is then pumped into the cavity via a pressure hose, and the holes are filled afterwards.

Cavity wall insulation is the single most effective insulation measure for domestic and industrial buildings!

Attic/Roof Insulation

Along with cavity wall insulation we also provide roof and attic insulation for your property. We use Rockprime insulation material which is blown into your attic using a high pressure hose. This ensures that the insulation of your attic or roof will cause very little inconvenience or disturbance.

Rockprime offers many benefits over traditional loft insulation. It provides no voids, no gaps and a perfect mattress of insulation. With the Rockprime system, the end user is assured that the contractors installing the insulation are trained and approved by Rockwool in the best practices of loft installation.

Rockprime has been tested to the highest standards by the BSI, BRE and is approved by the Energy Savings Trust.

Internal Dry Lining

Internal dry lining insulation (commonly referred to as 'dry-lining walls') involves fixing insulation to the inside surfaces of your external walls and covering it with a vapour barrier layer and plasterboard or, alternatively, composite boards of plasterboard backed with insulation and incorporating a vapour barrier.

Building Energy Ratings (BER)

Building Energy Ratings (BER) are now legally required when selling or leasing a domestic or commercial property.

BER indicates the energy rating of a building. The BER rating is determined in the form of performance bands, “A” being the most efficient to “G” being the least energy efficient.

A BER certificate displays the energy performance of a building, that is, the energy used per square metre per year (kWk/m²/yr).

A dwelling built to the current standards would typically receive a C1 rating at best, meaning a dwelling consumes between 150-175 kWk/m²/yr of energy. However changing requirements mean that homes for which planning permission is applied for on or after 1 July 2008, will typically achieve a B1 rating. Achieving a B1 rating will reduce energy consumption to between 75-100 kWk/m²/yr almost half the usage of a C1 rated home.

If you have any questions about cavity wall insulation, attic insulation or BER then please don't hesitate to contact us on LoCall 1850 211 760, Ian on 087 753 6163 or Colm on 087 127 3561 for more information.

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