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By: User Experience  05/12/2011

Expertise in web technologies at your disposal

Many companies do not have expertise inhouse in the area of web technologies. This can cause problems when making decisions on technologies to use and selecting vendors for work on web projects. I offer a fully impartial service to bridge this gap in skills and have no vested interest. My role is to help you make the right decisions for your business and ensure you get the best return on your investment.

Consultancy Services

  • Custom development or not?
    There are off-the-shelf software systems that can be purchased and configured. There are also open source solutions that can be tailored/modified to meet your exact needs. You may not require a web system developed at significant cost.
  • Hosting Infrastructure
    I can advise on the most suitable hosting for your website or system as I have expertise in supporting shared hosting, VPS and cloud environments.
  • Project Planning
    You know what you are trying to acheive but want assistance formulating a plan for developing and deploying your web system. I can also assist with tender documents and mockups/prototypes to send to developers for quotations.
  • Vendor Selection
    Choosing the right development team and vendors is critical to the success of any web project. I can help you choose the right solution for your project.

A small investment spent consulting an independent web professional can save you considerable unnecessary development costs and ensure you get the right solution for your needs and the right hosting infrastructure to support it.

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I also have a checklist specifically for evaluating E-Commerce Systems using the key findings from the E-Commerce User Experience report compiled by the Nielsen Norman Group. Are there any usability issues that may prevent users successfully completing actions e.g. ordering, booking, locating information etc. It is a very affordable service as the only fee is for the evaluator’s time to perform the walkthrough and report back to you.


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Using analytics tools such as Google Analytics you can access information about how many visitors you have, when they visit, where they are located, how long they stay on your site and much more. Although it is relatively simple to setup Google Analytics on your site it requires more expertise to analyse and intepret the data.