TRM IRELAND - Isopro 2000

By: Trm Ireland  05/12/2011
Keywords: horses

Presentation: 1.5kg, 10kg

ISOPRO 2000 is a concentrated, scientifically formulated and cost effective electrolyte supplement for daily use in performance horses. The replacement of electrolytes after sweating is essential as metabolic imbalances may result in a lactic acid accumulation, "tying up" syndrome, dehydration and decreased performance. ISOPRO 2000 is naturally flavoured with aniseed, which is highly palatable to the horse.

Feeding Instructions: Horses in training: Feed 60g per day.  Fresh drinking water should be available at all times.

per 60g per 1kg
6,691mg 111,524mg
Potassium 5,034mg 83,904mg
Calcium 5,765mg 96,096mg
Magnesium 290mg 4,848mg
2,400mg 40,000mg
Carbonate 8,634mg
Bicarbonate 5,229mg
Chloride      11,844mg
Sulphate 1,149mg 19,152mg
Excipient to
60g 1kg
Aniseed Oil Flavouring

Keywords: horses

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