Accountancy Services

By: S. C. Dunne  05/12/2011

Management Accounting Assistance

Our partners and staff at S. C. Dunne will endeavor to provide you with pragmatic solutions to a wide range of management accounting issues, including:

Preparing management accounts (ie. on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis). We will review the way in which you produce accounts, in particular the timeliness of such accounts. In other words, do you really need monthly accounts? Might it be better to produce more accurate reports quarterly and report key figures monthly? What is the point in producing inaccurate accounts monthly just for the sake of meeting an unrealistic deadline? Why not do a full stocktake quarterly, but making it a good one?

Establishing realistic budgets and monitoring them against management accounts. We will also evaluate the effect of budgets on your organisation. Is your organisation dysfunctional as a result of budgets?
Designing and implementing accounting systems.

Other products and services from S. C. Dunne


Taxation Services

Assistance with Revenue audits and negotiations with the Irish Revenue Authorities Back duty settlements with the Irish Revenue Authorities Assistance with PAYE and VAT queries Advice on personal taxation matters including Income tax, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance tax. Assisting you in your organisation's dealings with the Irish Revenue Authorities is an integral part of the overall service we provide to our clients.


Business Advisory

This will enable us to work in unison to keep your business ahead of market trends and your competitors.Business Advisory Services Provided Include:Asset ProtectionWe can develop with you a strategy that will protect all your assets, whether it be property, a company or even plant & machinery.


Financial Management

Outsourcing is a means of obtaining best practice and efficiency in a cost effective manner.Payroll and Financial Management Outsourcing is a fusion of the merits of outsourcing with the standards associated with timely and accurate financial reporting.



Our clients have direct access to partners and senior staff, ensuring that they receive the highest quality personalised services. We work closely with our clients helping their businesses succeed in a highly competitive, fast changing world. We are committed to providing as comprehensive a range of services to meet our clients needs as possible.


Audit & Assurance

Our broad experience in this area, our adherence to sound commercial principles alongside a cost-effective approach has proven to be a successful formula to date for S. C. Dunne & Co. Designing and reviewing internal control systems as part of our audit. Auditing of owner managed businesses.


IT Contulancy

When using remote support sessions the client has the ability to mirror our session so we are never working on or accessing anything that you don't want us to see. Unattended support sessions available - therefore we can control client's PC's when they are not there, removing the need to waste client's valuable time. Also the support session must be started by the client therefore you are always aware when we are working on your machine.