Irish Thoroughbred Breeders' Association

By: Itba  05/12/2011

What does the ITBA do for members and the Industry?Representation

The ITBA is run by breeders for breeders. The ITBA represents breeders on issues affecting the industry from EU to National to local Government level.


The ITBA has a full time veterinary consultant who monitors both national and international veterinary information on behalf of members. The latest in breeding and veterinary best practice is disseminated to breeders through the circulation of the Codes of Practice.


Members receive the ITBA Diary & Handbook and regular newsletters and circulars updating them on Industry news and events. Education and Seminars

The ITBA has a comprehensive national educational training programme to ensure breeders can continue to acquire and update the skills necessary to adapt to a changing work and business environment.

Benefit Scheme

The ITBA has an exclusive Membership Benefits Scheme including breeding and racing publications free or at very attractive discounts, substantial discounts on travel, accommodation, food and a wide range of goods and services.

ITBA Expo 2010

The ITBA will run the ITBA International Trade Fair and Symposium in Goffs from the 29th - 30th January 2010. The Trade Fair showcased the newest technology, innovative products, equipment and services to the thoroughbred industry. In conjunction with the Trade Fair and appealing to all in the industry, the ITBA held an international symposium, seminars and workshops over the three days.

And More.. The ITBA National Hunt Committee initiated the National Hunt Scheme, runs regional and national awards for breeders, provides breeders with a platform to have their voice heard.