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By: Tradecraft  05/12/2011
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In most buildings there are rooms that need more natural light. Thanks to the Fakro Light Tunnel SLT, Natural Sunlight can enter such places.

The way the Fakro SLT works is simple. Sunlight coming from different directions is absorbed by the dome installed on the roof. The dome directs the sunlight into the highly reflective flexible tubing. The light is then transported through this tubing to the diffuser.

Non polarised light coming into the room brightens the area evenly, not causing any reflections on flat surfaces (such as computer monitors or screens).

Each Fakro Light Tunnel SLT includes the following items as standard:

  • Dome unit
  • Top frame combined with Slate or Tile Flashing & Top Ring
  • tightening metal strip
  • Flexible Tubing 3mtrs std.
  • Adhesive Tape
  • Bottom Ring of Stainless Steel
  • Ceiling Frame
  • Transparent Diffuser
  • Prismatic Diffuser
  • Light Kit
  • Lead Adapter
  • Hardware Kit and Installation Instructions.

The SLT light tunnel conveys the daylight which gets into the light transmitting tube through the dome mounted onto the roof. Subsequently, the sun’s rays reflected from the walls of the flexible, reflective tube are directed downwards onto the light diffuser. The diffuser fitted into the ceiling spreads the light, evenly illuminating the whole interior. The light tunnel may also be used at night, after installing a light kit.

With the Fakro Light Tunnel SLT, you can brighten such rooms as:

  • Livingrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Basements
  • Offices, Garages, Staircases, Public Access Areas
  • Halls, Corridoors, Passageways.

Sizes Available:

  • Light Tunnel Diameter: 35cm (14") - 55cm (22")
  • Flexible Tubing Length: 300cm (118") - 300cm (118")

Keywords: building products, Tradecraft Building

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