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By: Teahan Optometrists  05/12/2011
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We provide a wide range of products including:


With so many lens designs and lens coatings available nowadays you can be reassured that our knowledgeable optical staff will skillfully guide you towards the best lens choices to suit your lifestyle.

Our lenses are supplied by the lens industry leaders:

Single Vision Lenses

– these lenses have a single focus and can have any of the additions listed below

Extended Range Reading Lenses

– these lenses are ideal for those who only require reading glasses but who require a larger range of clear vision compared with what they get with standard reading spectacles. Ideal for computer users, musicians, card players etc


– these lenses are dual focus for distance vision and near vision


– these lenses have three focus ranges for distance, intermediate and near vision

Occupational Lenses

– specialised lenses that suit specific jobs like office worker, dentist, doctor, teacher, electrician etc

Progressives / Varifocals

- these lenses are designed to give clear vision for all distances and still look like ordinary lenses without the lines of bifocals


– lenses that darken outdoors to a sun tint and lighten to a clear lens indoors

Polarised Lenses

– practically eliminate glare and ideal for drivers. Have 100% UV protection

Tinted Lenses

– our onsite lab can tint lenses to a wide range of colours

UV Coated Lenses

– all our sunlenses are coated to give 100% UV protection

Hi-index Lenses

– recommended for high prescriptions to make lenses thinner and lighter

Hard-Coated Lenses

– clear coating that gives extra resilience to lenses so they don’t scratch as easily

Anti-reflection Coated Lenses

– an addition that is recommended for all lenses. Drivers and computer users especially benefit from this coating. This coating helps minimise annoying light reflections that come with standard lenses so that vision is more comfortable and more clear. Also cosmetically enhances lenses by making eyes more visible through lenses.

Sunspec Ranges

Our designer sunspecs ranges include:

Fendi, Maui Jim, Roberto Cavalli, Porsche, Salvatore Ferragamo, Dior and Bvlgari


Choosing a frame style that suits your facial shape and fits well can be tricky. At Teahan's we have an experienced team of frame stylists who will make the process easy and enjoyable for you. We can guarantee that your chosen frame will not only look great on you, but it will feel comfortable as a result of our expert frame adjustments.

We like to stock a large range of spectacle frames to suit all budgets. Frame ranges include:

For Kids: Adidas (kids), Dora, Stars Wars, Barbie, Jimmy Neutron, Bratz...

Adults: Hero, OK frames, Porsche Design, Jaguar, Davidoff, Jaegar, Fendi, Zeiss, Zoffani, Puccini, Vulkan, Morgan, Episode, Nici, Converse, Ted Baker, Pepe Jeans, Silhouette and Zuma (Rimless)

Sports Eyewear

We stock Adidas and Norville sports prescription and non-prescription eyewear. These brands cater for sports including golf, biking, cycling, skiing, running, water sports, fishing, shooting, snooker and general sporting activities.

Contact Lenses

Thinking about wearing contact lenses for the first time?

Unhappy with your current contact lenses?

Told that contact lenses are not suitable for you?

Find current contact lenses too much hassle?

The contact lens market is evolving at an incredible rate so that nearly all prescriptions and patient requirements can be catered for nowadays.

Contact lenses available:
  • Daily disposable / 2 weekly disposable / monthly disposable wear

  • All day and all night wear (weekly or monthly) Continuous wear contact lenses

  • Toric lenses for astigmatism

  • Coloured / Fun lenses

  • Bifocal / Multifocal lenses for presbyopia

  • Non disposable soft / hard / RGP lenses

  • Orthokeratology lenses

  • Chromogen lenses for colour deficiency

Also there are now lenses available that suit people who have experienced dry eye and discomfort in the past with their contact lenses.

Keywords: lenses

Other products and services from Teahan Optometrists


Teahan Optometrists provide eye examination services from their base in Naas, Kildare, Ireland

Using a specialised corneal topographer we can map out and monitor the progression of this eye dystrophy and use the parameters it provides to design a specialised contact lens that will help to minimise the visual distortions the patient perceives. A standard examination involves establishing a person?s prescription and visual performance, as well as a full health screening of the eye.