Workshop Services -

By: Scania  05/12/2011

Our workshop services are dedicated to making your life just a little bit easier, while contributing to your bottom line. We think of your entire business, and offer flexible solutions to help you maximise your uptime and meet your business goals.

Our highly professional teams are there to offer you valuable advice on preventive maintenance, maintenance intervals, on associated parts, and on doing the right thing at the right time. It’s this professional advice – together with the right maintenance and parts – that can make all the difference and prevent unexpected, costly and time-consuming mechanical failures. Exactly what you need for peace of mind.

We have over 20,000 professionals, including 14,000 technicians, working in our 1,500 workshops around the globe. That’s a lot of dedicated minds – and hands – at work. We are your one stop service partner. And wherever you meet us, you can always expect the same high level of professionalism – and dedication to your uptime.

Other products and services from Scania


Services -

Our services are brought to life by the professionals in our extensive network, who can provide you with solutions that support, strengthen and grow your business. Then we back them up with services that deliver value, reliability and high uptime – giving you an excellent return on your investment. Scania builds some of the finest trucks, buses and engines in the world. Scania services help you grow your business and keep it moving forwards.


Scania Driver training -

Scania Driver Training can help even the most experienced drivers to drive more economically and more safely – and make a dramatically positive impact on your bottom line. When you take all these factors into consideration, it’s clear to see how quickly investment in driver training pays for itself – usually in just a few months.


Parts -

Their high quality is specially engineered for ultimate performance, endurance, fuel economy and safety. Scania parts add value to your business by maximising your uptime. A full warranty follows you wherever you go.


Finance -

Whether you’re an owner-operator or a global fleet manager, at some point you’re likely to need a financing solution that suits your business – and your budget. If you’re looking for lower payments, easier administration and no risk on disposal then both Operating Lease and Contract Hire offer advantages. So whether you’re replacing just one vehicle or expanding your fleet, Scania Financial Services has the right solution for you.