Personal Nutrition and Health

By: Nutrition by Laurann   05/11/2010
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 Personal nutrition & health provides natural nutritional support, advice and guidence which is catered to each individual's needs. Supporting you every step of the way.

If we think of our bodies as a car, sleep recharges our batteries and food is our fuel. We wouldn't put the wrong fuel in our car, so why put the wrong fuel in our bodies.

Many of the ailments we come across in society today are in some way associated with or directly related to nutritional intake and with the help of Personal Nutrition and Health it is possible to prevent and treat these problems.
It is possible to make dramatic changes to your life through adjusting your diet and lifestyle to suit your needs for instance through

- Weightloss/Gain
-Performance/ Sports Nutrition
-Healthy Eating for a Healthy Heart
-Food for Mood including Depression, Anxiety and Stress
-Nutritional Advice for Fatigue/Burnout
-Digestive Disorders including IBS, Celiac Disease and other issues
-Coping with Allergies & Intolerances
-Pre & Post Conception Nutritional Guidence
-Women & Men's Health
-Children's Health
-Healthy Eating for the Family
-Nutrition in Concentration and Performance Optimisation
-Nutrition & the Elderly
-Malnutrition & Undernutrition
-Detox Plans
-Bone & Joint Nutritional Guidence

Personal Nutrition & Health provides a unique personalised nutrition programme which achieves long-term results. Let me help you reach your goal!

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