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By: Newvistas Healthcare  05/12/2011
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Health from Homoeopathy

A small investment of your time in education and training in the use of homoeopathic medicines will pay handsome benefits in the form of improved health, greater well being, increased productivity and lower costs to the family. To maximize the benefits from your homoeopathic remedies certain preparatory work is necessary. You need to rid the body of toxins, and ensure that your body is automatically detoxing and at the right level.

Homoeopathy has an amazing variety of applications. It is used in some cases for the treatment of serious complaints. It is used in others for the treatment of minor ailments. It can be used nutritionally and preventatively to provide long-term protection from illness. It can be used short term to provide relief from colds, flu, or cold sores. It can be used to counter the effects of radiation from your office computer or hospital equipment and it can be used to detox dental toxin and metal that may have lycheed from your cooking utensils.

The Role of New Vistas Healthcare

New Vistas has made its contribution to the ongoing development of this branch of healthcare. Our homoeopathic programme for the chronically ill incorporates the essential phases in the restoration of balance.

To maximize the benefits from this therapy we recommend that you use the guidance of a specialist practitioner who will identify problems and specify your individual needs. A visit to a Naturopath, Homoeopath, or Acupuncturist will be worthwhile. We strongly recommend that you follow your practitioners recommendations and utilize the additional information provided.

Self Care

For routine, recurring and ongoing health protection and enhancement New Vistas has a range of products suitable for self-selection and family health. These are available at your local pharmacy and healthfood shop where help and advice is available.

History of Homoeopathy

The Science of Homoeopathy is founded on the principal of Like cures Like. Whilst the ancients regarded it as having been utilized by Aristotle, todays homoeopathic medicine is derived from the creativity and genius of a German physician Dr Samuel Hahnemann. From his treatments he discovered that the administration of a diluted dose of a substance for the treatment of an illness could produce the same symptoms in a healthy person when administered in concentrated form. He went on to prove his findings scientifically over a period of years and developed a system of systematic dilution of substances. As each successive dilution was made he gave the mixture a vigorous shake. From this he discovered that the shaking process, known as succussion, added an energetic or more powerful element to the resulting substances, it became more potent. From this combination of serial dilution and succussion, referred to as potenisation, emerged the science of Homoeopathy. The term is derived from the Greek homo meaning like and pathos meaning disease - Like cures Like. Homoeopathy is a holistic form of healthcare; it looks at the whole person, recognising a range of needs, mental, emotional, spiritual and material. It is energy medicine, acknowledging the energetic mechanism that is the Living Being.

Evolutionary Process

As practiced during Hahenmanns time homoeopathy was based on singulars i.e. a single substance and a single potency developed to meet a particular illness. This form of preparation served the community well, and through an evolutionary process it has developed and continues to serve society today. This method of singulars is referred to as Classical Homoeopathy. The basic science of the infinitesimal dose was utilized to enable scientists to develop products for specific purposes. Schussler 1872 developed biochemical therapy utilizing mineral compounds and in this way applied homoeopathic science in nutritional form i.e. the prevention of disease. Steiner 1861 - 1925 developed antroposophical medicine, which was a spiritual science, founded upon the therapy that the spiritual side of man and nature can be directly incorporated into every day life. Reckeweg 1955 provided the scientific fundamentals for homoeotoxicology, the treatment of toxins. Other scientists have also developed other applications and homoeopathy has continued to evolve and today it continues to meet the needs of the modern environment. Since the middle of the last Century, the practice of combining different substances at different levels of dilution became very popular because of the therapeutic response that such combinations delivered. This combination principal is known as Complex Homoeopathy. It is the branch of homoeopathy that is most suited to the development of medicines, which meet the needs of the evolving universe of today. The world has changed in the past 200 years. An ever-increasing population has brought change to the planet. Industrialization has hastened the pace of change and degraded the natural environment. A response to that is required. Increased emphasis must be placed on sustainability. Homoeopathy fits neatly with the principal of sustainability. It reveres nature, yet it facilitates technology, it brings together traditional spiritual wisdom and unites it with modern empirical science.


Homoeopathic medicine is an adjunctive and complimentary therapy. In cases of illness it should not be used to replace conventional treatment. We recommend you seek professional advice.

Keywords: Homoeopathic Medicine, homoeopathy, Skin Care Natural