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By: Howlett Kavanagh  05/12/2011
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Annual accounts may be required for bankers, tax authorities, grant authorities etc. Howlett Kavanagh can also produce management accounts that will assist you in reviewing and controlling the profitability of your business, on a more regular basis. We can also produce projected accounts which look to the future of the business, based on the information you can provide about current and future prospects. This can identify a need for more finance or for improving your debt collection for example. It is also information which your bank manager may find reassuring when you ask for further finance.
Rather than employ in-house staff many businesses prefer to have monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly accounts maintained, and have their regular tax returns such as VAT, PAYE/PRSI and RCT prepared, on a professional basis. We are well equipped to provide that service.
If you are operating as a limited company then you may be required to have your annual accounts audited by a Registered Auditor. Howlett Kavanagh is a firm of Registered Auditors.
Some limited companies qualify, based on certain criteria, for voluntary exemption from statutory audit. They would still benefit however from using our services prepare company accounts in order to satisfy the requirements of the Companies Registration Office (CRO). You should discuss with us the advantages and disadvantages of opting for this exemption.
The compliance obligations on many company shareholders and directors are becoming more onerous, with significant penalties being imposed for late or inaccurate returns or inadvertent breaches of company law. This firm is well placed to assist clients to meet their obligations in filing the required information to the Companies Registration Office (CRO).
No one likes paying taxes. Effective planning can help reduce your tax bill, but it requires professional advice. Even basic compliance with Revenue rules is complicated, and failure to comply can be costly. All too often, tax consequences are only discovered after the transaction takes place, or poor tax decisions are taken on the basis of inaccurate or out of date information. Ensure you don’t accidentally increase your tax bill or leave yourself open to interest or penalties. Make contact with Howlett Kavanagh for an early consultation.
With the high values placed on property and financial assets, we can provide sensible professional advice before buying, selling or transferring property. Advice sought in advance can lead to substantial savings at a later date.
This firm can provide a wealth check for those people with property interests and/or investment portfolios, with a view to maximising current and future returns.
All businesses are subject to Revenue audits and investigations. We are familiar with the procedures, and the rights, of the tax payer and can offer assistance to businesses which may be subject to what may potentially be, for some, a traumatic experience.
Accounts and certificates are required for various grants available through state agencies and local authorities. Familiarity with the various schemes is vital and we can play a leading role in obtaining the full entitlements for clients.
We in Howlett Kavanagh are very familiar with all aspects of small business and are therefore in a position to assist in negotiations with bankers, financial institutions, etc. regarding the best terms and conditions for borrowings, leasing, hire purchase and other loans.
Please feel free to in relation to any of our services.

Keywords: Chartered Accountants

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