Cathy Breslin

By: Cathy Breslin  05/12/2011

Your Life only a Gazillion Times Better

About the BOOK:
In her international co-authored best selling self-help book "Your Life only a Gazillion Times Better", Cathy has helped thousands of people discover their potential and learn life skills that have helped change their lives forever.

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Your Health and Welcome To It

Based on over 25 years of experience helping people improve their lives, Therapist Cathy Breslin and Dr. Garvan Browne invite you to a practical and enjoyable path to a healthier life.

This book is for anyone at any age who wants to improve their health.

The authors broadly look at health under two sections:
- Physical, and Emotional/Mental health. They show how easy it is to slip from being healthy to unhealthy, yet it is equally easy to attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Make the right lifestyle-choices to:

. remain healthy for as long as possible
. recover from ill health when it happens
. live with ill health in a positive way when recovery is not possible

This book is designed to lift your spirits, get you motivated and most importantly to give you a greater sense of hope about your life.

It is uplifting, full of invaluable information, amusing anecdotes and a prescription for a healthier you!

About the Authors

Cathy Breslin, a Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and International Author. She maintains that change is possible for everyone at any age and that "small steps make big changes".

Garvan Browne is a medical doctor who qualified in Dublin in 1984. He is now a family practitioner and Occupational Physician in Naas, Co. Kildare.