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By: The Leinster Clinic  05/12/2011
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At Last! Here’s How you Banish Stubborn Fat, Get off the ‘Diet’ Train and Reclaim Your Health without Fad Diets or Flogging Yourself to Death….Guaranteed

If you are like 99% of the rest of the population then I understand that you may be at your wits end. That’s not your fault. You may have drifted from one diet book to the next, one cleanse to the next or one 4 week bout at the gym only to find that the results were not coming thick and fast for all the effort that you were putting in at the gym AND in the kitchen.

When all else simply fails…

Who can blame you? You are bombarded with story after story promising this and that. Diets and extreme training may have worked for you, leaving you with the weight loss that you desired only for it to flood back on out of control so quickly.

What works for one may not work for another and in the case of, you the silent majority, it will make them worse.

Are you?

  • Sick of putting in endless hours in the gym to see ZERO drop in the scales
  • Sick of What You See in the Mirror Despite Eating Right
  • Tired – just Tired of Having ZERO Energy – this ‘healthy living’ is suppose to give you energy right??
  • Sick and Tired of Living Like a Trappist Monk and Not Getting Anywhere
  • Tired of Having to Make Difficult Choices when Out with Friends – You know the ‘Well she can eat what she wants and not get fat….’

30 Days. No Results. Your Money Back. Simple.

Bold promise isn’t it? Why are we so confident? Well rest assured that this is not false confidence. After 12 yeasr of reasearching and being ‘in the trenches’ implimenting every diet and training strategy in the book and carefully monitoring and refining the process we can now safely guarantee your results.

Begining with our BODYCHECK we can glean a huge amount of information about your current health, fitness and nutritional status. Being part of a clincal practice makes this a truly unique experience as we work closely we ‘functionally’ orientated practioners (you know the ones that actually take time to listen to your problems and look at finding the root cause).

Our BODY CHECK allows us to then pinpoint exactly the course of action to take with your training, nutrition and lifstyle.

No more wasting time HOPING if the fat will bulge.

Goal setting is important but Goal Getting is even more. How about actually putting a workable plan in action that makes the acheiveing of your goals even more likely?

Suddenly you will have more motivation than you know what to do with. No more falling after two weeks. Our ACHIEVE Goal Setting Strategoes make sure of this.

No more hopping on and off the Diet Train (that makes you fat by the way)

Our T2H and T2F – Transition to Health and Transition to Fitness are tailored and individualised programmes meaning that they are programmes designed to your life, time schedule and what you need to eat, drink and do to gain maximum benefits.

You will turn up and train in our exclusive private training centre. There are no endless lines of cardo equipment like bikes and treadmills. There are weights, kettlebells, sleds, prowlers, free standing equipment, ropes and medicine balls. Discrete and well-equipped and more importantly full of knowledable and highly experienced coaches driven to success.

We live and breathe health and fitness and we want you to do the same reclaiming your health one step at a time.

You will master how your body moves, thrives and is driven by feeding it the right dose of exercise and nutrition. No more guess work. We will be there every step of the way through our regular assessments and our awesome ( I have to add that becuase it truly is – I mean your gym wouldn’t be in contact with you on a daily basis would they????) constant and never ending system of support.

Our RnR Protocols ensure that you feel healthy and fit and drop stubborn body fat with the right dosage of exercise.

One day you could be outside training, your next session could be in 0ur Far Infra Red Sauna, the next could be expressing your incredible strength or even just stretching.

That is the true meaning of success – coaching what is in front of us and looking after you.

Our Success is Down to the Fact that We are Invitation Only

We don’t take clients on likely however. Our gatekeeper straetegy sees to that. It will be tough. But anything in life worth having is tough.

This isn’t to sound arrogant. It is to ensure that you don’t waste your time. effort and hard earnt money in the process doing something that essentially works against your current situation.

We do expect you to be a partner in the tools and programmes that we set for you.

After all we are professionals here and unlike every gym in the country we make our living based on results and not just member numbers.

I mean come on – how many success stories are actually coming out of your local gym? We are friendly but we are not your friends. That is not what our clients pay us for.

If you are interested in joining us then great! It will be great to meet with you and see how we can help you. There will be no ‘begging’ or hard core sales pitch.

If we think that you can keep to our Client Charter then we are more than happy to bring you on board. If you are sitting on the fence but know that you MUST take action then call us now on 01-5052131 and we will be happy to talk through your options.

Either way get ready for some awesome results. Fast.

I hope we meet in person soon

Yours in health

John Lark

Keywords: Gym

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