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By: Fallonz  05/12/2011

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  • Newclay is a reinforced air-drying modelling clay.
  • It is a unique product, providing the attributes of clay with the convenience of other modelling materials, yet it is characterised by being non-sticky and with slow shrinkage during drying.
  • Newclay is malleable, it air dries without the need for heating, it can be used with professional pottery tools and, as it is nylon reinforced, it will not go brittle.
  • It is suitable for use by both children and adults.
  • While its reinforced finish makes it exceptionally strong, Newclay Hardeners (H1 or H2) can be applied to improve durability of the final article.
  • For best results, finished pieces should be decorated with a good quality ceramic or acrylic paint and finished with Newclay Gloss or Newclay Satin.
  • Newclay can also be kiln-fired with exceptional results.

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