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Internal Dry-lining Insulation

Internal Dry-lining Insulation is used to describe covering of internal walls with a insulated dry product which is attached to the building. Traditionally surfaces were covered with a wet sand and cement render or plaster. Dry lining now refers mainly to covering internal walls with plasterboard with insulation. The plasterboard is either stuck on the walls or fixed to a timber, or steel frame which is attached to the walls.Heat loss through the walls of your house can amount to 55% of the total heat loss and therefore is responsible for over half of your space heating bill. To maxamise the performance of the envelope Intewnal Dry-lining Insulation should be combined with some roof Insulation to minimise the bu8ildings heat loss.

Cavity wall Insulation

Rockwool EnergySaver cavity wall insulation is an entirely dry system which uses granulated Rockwool blown into an external wall cavity to a predetermined density. No glues or catalysts are involved in the installation procedure. The system may be used to improve the thermal insulation of both new and existing masonry cavity walls as well as certain types of non-traditional structures. Rockwool EnergySaver blown cavity wool does not create a bridge or capillary path within the cavity that might allow rainwater to penetrate to the inner leaf.

Attic Insulation

RockPrime is a mechanically installed Rockwool blown loft granulate that offers quicker installation than roll and causes minimum disturbance. Unlike other loft insulation products, it also minimises thermal bridging.

BER (Building Energy Rating) Assessments

From 1 January 2009, anyone selling or renting a property in Ireland must by law provide a building energy rating which must be carried out by an accredited Assessor.

The assessment is a comprehensive assessment which takes into account the insulation properties of all the building elements, solar gains, ventilation losses, thermal bridging, heating system efficiency etc. Once carried out, the certificate you receive is valid for 10 years.

Keywords: Attic Insulation, Insulation, walls

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