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By: Leinster Dressage  05/12/2011
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Hi Folks,

If your membership is not renewed before the end of January then any scores you will have gained in January will not count.

Winter Finals

As a trial for 2011 the Winter Finals and the Cavan Dressage Festival will run together. The plan will be that Friday 29th April will be the first day of the Winter Finals, Saturday 30th will be the second day of the Winter Finals and the first day of the Cavan Dressage Festival and Sunday 1st May will be the second day of the Cavan Dressage Festival. There will be two separate schedules and also a combined package. This will make it much more affordable for members to attend both the Winter Finals and the Cavan Dressage Festival. Keep an eye on the website for further details.

National Championships

  1. The Young Horse class will be open to ALL 4yo and 5yo horses, it does not matter if they are in the first year of registration or not.
  2. If there are three or more 4yo horses entered in the Young Horse class then they will have their own class. If there are less than three and they have to compete against 5yo horses then a special prize will be awarded to the best 4yo.
  3. There will NOT be ‘Small Tour’ and ‘Big Tour’ classes but instead there will be a separate class at each level.
  4. To be crowned ‘National Champion’ as well as gaining over 60% the rider must either be an Irish citizen or be resident in Ireland.
  5. To compete at the National Championships at any level at least one of the qualifying marks MUST be attained in Ireland.
  6. The closing date for entries has not been finalised yet but it will have to be earlier than last year as there was just not enough time to get the times done and judges allocated. Keep an eye on the website.

Sportsman’s Class

As part of our three year strategy plan we have been looking at our different types of membership and last year we introduced the ‘Parent’ membership which has been very successful. For 2011 we are introducing a ‘Sportsman’s Class’. A new membership form will soon be available on our website and both new and existing members are welcome to join as a ‘Sportsman’. There will two levels at this membership, Preliminary and Novice.

  • Applicable to riders over 21
  • Membership fees and horse registration as per fully registered riders
  • Sportsman members are only eligible to compete in Sportsman’s classes (multiple horse registrations permitted)
  • Sportsman membership runs for 1yr, January-December, (as per all other types of membership)
  • Sportsman members are entitled to all benefits of full membership eg. training etc
  • Sportsman members are entitled to compete in the relevant Sportsman section of their grade at National Championships based upon the same criteria as full members eg.
  • Gaining 62% or higher in their class on two separate occasions

Sportsman A

This class would be a registered preliminary class which could be run alongside our normal registered and unregistered classes.

Sportsman B

As above, but a novice level test to be used.

Down Grading Proposals

Horses and riders intending to compete in a Sportman’s class must not have competed in a class 2 grades higher than the one in which they intend to compete, within the last 3 years. eg. For Sportsman’s A (prelim), they cannot have competed at Elementary in the past 3 years; Sportsman’s B, they cannot have competed at Medium in the last 3 years. (For administration purposes, every applicant must state the names of their competition horses of the last 3 years)

Horse and rider combinations cannot have scored 66% or above in registered competition in the previous year at a level higher than which they intend to compete. Any Sportsman combination membership application may be reviewed by the board at the next reapplication as per down-grading requests.

It is also very important that you use our website. Any news updates, changes, cancellations or amendments we make will be posted on the website.

In closing I would like to wish everyone a HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a SUCCESSFUL NEW YEAR.


Keywords: horse

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Thanks to Maurice for the use of his beautiful venue & Julie for feeding the masses – I’d also like to thank God for the lovely weather – if I’ve forgotten anyone, sorry – but you know who you are;o. Without all the people who help, running a dressage show would not be possible. Thanks also to Kate and Ulrike for looking after Duchess.