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By: The Druids Irish Rebel Band   02/02/2011
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A review of Starry Plough from Fanrealm.com The Druids are an Irish Rebel Band. For those unaware of the meaning of the term, these men sing, play and recount the history of Irish rebellion and resistance to outside rule over the past centuries. They “sing songs which have meaning in terms of peoples every day life…”     Starry Plough is The Druids latest anthology of these momentous accounts.  To this excellent selection of popular and well known rebel songs, Mick O’Brien has added his most recent self penned work, Starry Plough. In which he relates the story of James Connelly’s activist life and dreadful execution by firing squad in Kilmainham jail.Although Starry Plough is serious in its content, The Druids present an upbeat and quite brilliant performance. Coupled with the unrivaled mandolin playing of Paddy Mangan, and pulsating beat of Mick O’Brien’s Bodhran the lyrics come alive for the listener.  Gary Lawlor’s lead vocals and fine acoustic guitar in the song Farewell to Bellaghy are soft and sincere but definitely deliver their message. Darren Egan, the “newest recruit,” is outstanding with his rendition of Highland Paddy. It would be hard to choose a favorite among all the favorites on this album, but if pressured, I would have to say I am especially fond of Let the People Sing. Call me an optimist but this one makes me feel good. The Legend is another favorite of mine, quietly telling the stories of long passed martyrs to the cause. I must also say that it was not possible for me to listen to these songs in the course of writing about them and not become engrosed and educated in the history of Ireland’s recent turbulent past.This is an extraordinary album performed by talented, creative men who are passionately engaged in their cause. I would recommend it to anyone interested in outstanding Rebel music, Irish history and a great performance.  Starry Plough is meant to be enjoyed again and again and in the listening, learned from.  It definitely delivers on all counts. Great stuff Druids!  The Druids will launch Starry Plough on 01-Aug-2010 in Kildare.

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