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By: Ear Pinning  05/12/2011
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If you are considering Otoplasty but you’re not sure what is involved, this article will explain what you can expect.

Babies are often born with large ears which they grow into. It’s seen as just a normal developmental stage. But in some cases, large or protruding ears can also be a sign of a chromosomal abnormality which the doctor will need to test for. In conjunction with other physical problems, it can also be an indicator of disorders such as Down’s Syndrome. Most commonly though large ears are merely a genetic trait passed down through the generations.

In adults, protruding ears can be caused by trauma to the area, such as damage to the cartilage.
Disorders such as Bell’s palsy can also contribute to protruding or floppy ears because of the loss of nerve function in the area. Even the simple aging process causes some people’s ears to become more noticeable.
Because our bodies never stop producing cartilage, which is a stiff and inflexible connective tissue, the growth of the nose and the ears never stops. However, the ear’s growth rate is normally reduced to such a small amount that size doesn’t seem to change. Between the ages of 5 – 50, we don’t notice any difference in our ear size at all. However, with people in their 60′s, sometimes their features become more noticeable, especially if your ears were always on the larger side.

Keywords: Ear Pinning, Otoplasty,

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Ear Pinning | Find the Best Ear Pinning Otoplasty Treatments and Clinics in Dublin

Your sleep pattern may be disrupted as you are unable to put pressure on the ears for about a week after surgery. Headbands are given to patients to wear for two weeks to help keep the ears in their new position. Your surgeon will let you know how much time you may need before returning to work or school. Soft dressings are applied to the ears where they must remain for a few days.