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By: Acne  05/12/2011
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Lifestyle Habits

So, the best acne cure, so to speak, is to adopt healthy lifestyle habits that directly and indirectly impact on the skin’s health. You will soon discover that the efficacy of other acne cure options depend largely on how well you take care of your skin in the first place. We suggest the following skin care regimen as the most important aspect of the acne cure plan:

  • Use gentle, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic skin cleansers and moisturizers on your skin. Avoid using skin care products with harsh ingredients like scrubs, astringents and masks since these counteract the beneficial effects of the recommended products in the acne cure program. Be sure to wash the face just 2 times a day at most.
    Avoid irritants from touching your skin. Tight clothes, greasy cosmetics, oily sunscreens, excessive sweat, and even regular soap can irritate the skin and lead to infections. Again, these counteract your acne cure plan.

Of course, picking, popping and squeezing acne is absolutely not part of any acne treatment or acne cure program, ever.

OTC and Prescription Medications

The other side of an effective acne cure plan is the over-the-counter and prescription medications. Although OTC medicines are obviously available without a doctor’s prescription, we suggest asking for medical advice first. Otherwise, your acne cure plan can be derailed due to unexpected contraindications and side effects.

The most common recommended medications in an effective acne cure plan include:

  • Topical creams, gels and ointments with benzoyl peroxide, sulfur or salicylic acid as well as tretinoin, adapalene or tazarotene

• Oral contraceptives (This may be added to the acne cure plan to regulate hormone production)

Now, if the acne cure plan still fails to completely remove the signs like pimples, cysts and nodules, more aggressive treatments can be found. These sophisticated acne cure techniques include laser and light therapy as well as chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

Rest assured that there is, indeed, a successful acne cure plan tailored just for you but you must work with a skin professional to achieve such a goal.

Keywords: Acne Cure, Acne Treatment,

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Acne Dublin | Acne Dublin

Within the inflammatory acne category, there are three primary types, with increasing degrees of severity: papules (relatively mild, and with no pus), pustules and cysts or nodules (big, painful to the touch, generally red and inflamed with pus). There are two different classifications, non-inflammatory, which as you might imagine is less severe and inflammatory acne.