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By: Acne  05/12/2011

There are two different classifications, non-inflammatory, which as you might imagine is less severe and inflammatory acne. Within these two classifications are several different types.

Then you’ve got your inflammatory acne, which can be significantly more problematic. The problem lies with bacteria, the result generally an inflammation that swells, or becomes red and inflamed. Within the inflammatory acne category, there are three primary types, with increasing degrees of severity: papules (relatively mild, and with no pus), pustules (more severe, inflamed, pus often apparent) and cysts or nodules (big, painful to the touch, generally red and inflamed with pus).

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Acne Dublin | Acne Dublin - acne dublin

Avoid using skin care products with harsh ingredients like scrubs, astringents and masks since these counteract the beneficial effects of the recommended products in the acne cure program. You will soon discover that the efficacy of other acne cure options depend largely on how well you take care of your skin in the first place.