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By: vorax  16/01/2015
Keywords: Design, graphic design, natural stone

All our printed wallpapers are non-woven wallpapers. They are easy to install, allowing you to paste the wall rather than soaking the wallpaper in messy glue. They don't expand or contract like the old days and once on the wall, they will slide making the lining up of the pattern easier. They are also tear resistant so there is no tearing of paper while installing it. They are made of both natural and synthetic fibres. Non-woven wallpapers are both washable and breathable, making them resistant to mould, thus perfect to decorate bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. But the real benefit of non-woven wallpaper is the fact that after six weeks, once they are completely dry, the wallpaper will come off easily. This wallpaper can be completely dry when you remove it so there is no need for the dreaded steamer or water, it should come down in full sheets making it possible to be re-used again if you so desired. Non-Woven Wallpapers are perfect for renters who love to decorate. FACTS TO REMEMBER: COMES OFF DRY WITH NO DAMAGE TO THE WALL PERFECT FOR RENTERS PASTE THE WALL NOT THE PAPER - NO MESS THE PAPER DOES NOT EXPAND OR CONTRACT RESISTANT TO MOLD, SO GREAT FOR BATHROOMS Seams are so easy to work, they simply disappear. You will not find seams with Nonwoven Wallpapers.

Keywords: Design, graphic design, natural stone, Printed Wallpaper, Wallpapers, walls,

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