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By: Vet Care  05/12/2011
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Vaccinating your dog
Puppy Vaccination course starts at 6 weeks of age and repeat at 8 and 10 weeks. This vaccination covers your pet from infectious and potentially fatal diseases like parvovirus, leptospirosis, canine distemper, parainfluenza and hepatitis. This vaccination should be boosted every year.
It is important to remember that your dog should not mix with other dogs until at least 2 weeks after their final injection. Also if your doggy is due to go to boarding kennels we will vaccinate against kennel cough. This should be arranged at least 2 weeks prior to your dogs stay.
Vaccinating your cat
Kitten vaccination course starts at 9 weeks of age and repeat at 12 weeks. This will cover your cat against cat flu, feline enterisis, feline panleucopenia and calicivirus, rhinotrachitis. Again this vaccination should be boosted every year.
We can also vaccinate your cat against diseases such asfeline leukaemia virus. Remember your cat will need to be fully vaccinated and certified if staying in a cattery.
We will also send you reminders of when your pets boosters are due.
There are lots of different parasites that can affect your pets health, worms are one of them. There are a few different types, the most common being roundworms and tapeworms. We can advise you on which product best suits your pets lifestyle.
You should regularly de-worm your beloved pets and a full range of de-worming products are available over the counter or as a part of your consultation with the vet. We recommend worming from 2 weeks of age right throughout your pets lifetime. These treatments come in tablet or spot-on forms.
Dental Care
Dental Check Ups Please ask to see the nurse for a free dental check and to discuss preventative care. Please ask to see the vet if your pet has difficulty eating, loose or broken teeth, drooling, smelly breath (halitosis) or a gum infection so it can be treated promptly.
Dental Treatments include ultrasonic descaling and polishing and extractions as necessary. Pets require a GA for this as they won’t always open their mouth to say awww!!!
Preventative Oral Hygiene. We can recommend a tailored preventative plan to suit your pet e.g. brushing his teeth or using logic oral hygiene gel, a special dental care diet e.g. Hills t / d or using specially made treats and chews e.g. Dentastix.

Should your pet go missing and be brought into a vet clinic, rescue society, dog pound or if he/she is stolen he/she can  be quickly scanned using a hand held scanner and promptly re-united with you. It is the only method of proving ownership as collar tags, as a sole means of identification, can be easily taken off or lost.

Pet passport – travel vaccines
The pet travel scheme now means you can take your pet on holidays or emigrate without quarantine restrictions. In order to qualify for this scheme a few simple steps must be taken.
  1. Microchipping
  2. Apply for a passport
  3. Rabies vaccine
  4. Blood test one month later to check level of rabies immunity
  5. Health check prior to travel. A period of 6 months must lapse before you can bring your pet in and out of the country. A worm / tick treatment must be given before coming back into Ireland.
We are happy to guide you through the process and ensure your pet can go on holidays without a hitch.
Pet food and accessories shop
Our shop stocks everything you need to pamper your pooch or reward your rabbit. We stock an extensive range of treats, leads collars, coats, kennels, toys, beds, fish tanks, hamster and bird cages, accessories and so much more. We are always at hand to help and advise e.g. to fit a harness correctly or recommend suitable toys for a young puppy.It is this point of sales advice that ensures our customers not only have excellent choice but are also properly informed.
We have a full range of pet foods for all species from cats to chipmunks from leading super-premium brands.Royal Canin and Hills complement our range of dog and cat foods including Burns, Beta, Pedigree and Whiskas. We are happy to recommend a food to suit your dog or cats individual requirements and work out feeding amounts.
Even the worst doggie bad  hair day can be solved by our experienced and professional pet groomers. A full pampering and makeover for your pooch is tailored to suit his/her needs. A range of  treatments including clipping, stripping, combing ,washing, drying, anal glands, nails, ears can all be carried out
Medicated or conditioning washes are used depending on your pets needs and the salon experience would not be complete without a spritz of your pets’ favourite doggie perfume and a bow to complete the look ….Book early! Orthopaedic Surgery
We can also cater for bone or orthopaedic operations. Should your pet sustain a fracture or injury e.g. in on RTA we are happy to be able to perform operations such as plating, pinning, external fixators, femoral head osteotomy, toggle pinning, luxatting patella and crucial repairs. We offer extensive post – operative care in the recovery period.
Our x-ray units are fully equipped to give excellent diagnostic radiographs allowing visualisation of the affected area. This facilitates the vet to gain greater insight into the area of interest be it a broken leg or a chest problem. Pets generally need sedation or light anaesthesia to facilitate x-rays as it is very hard to get them to lie still.
In Patient Wards
The nursing team ensures all our patients are made comfortable in our hospital kennels. We aim for it to be a home from home where possible. We feel in times of illness the little things such as comfy beds and getting out frequently for toilet breaks or a quick brush and kind word can make all the difference for recovery. We are always happy for owners to visit their pets while hospitalised and spend time with them. We are confident that our team provide a very high standard of care to our patients.
Complementing our range of investigation techniques for our cardiology patients we are now using ECG. We find it invaluable for the accurate diagnosis and monitoring of cardiac cases ensuring they get the very best treatment available.
Blood Pressure
Blood Pressure monitoring is invaluable and can be carried out quickly and easily. Older patients can be tested to ascertain their health status and is also invaluable for cardiac/renal patients or those undergoing anaesthesia.

Keywords: Cat, Dog, pet, Vaccination