Ministry Products Dr. Marcus Benson

By: Marcus Benson Ministries  05/12/2011

Gates are places of decision making and ungodly elders make ungodly legislations and decisions that affect so many lives, homes, communities and nations, thereby resulting in pains, sicknesses, poverty, untimely death, limitations, stagnancy, unfruitfulness, deprivation, divorce and separations, disappointments, non-achievement, bitterness, rejection, failures, suicide, abuse, depression, and much more. Many victims of these ungodly legislations and decisions look helpless and wonder how they can be set free from these ungodly rules. Some have admitted it as their own fate in this world, believing that what is going to be, is going to be and there is nothing they can do about their situations This book reveals how healing and deliverance can be achieved, with the help of the Holy Spirit. The origin, government structure, plans, operations, work and consequences of these ungodly elders are exposed in this book that focuses on dealing with and winning in daily life issues caused by the enemy Dr. Marcus Benson reveals deep insight that will lead you to experience a total turn around, freedom, healing and deliverance from the ungodly rule of ungodly elders that is manifesting in your life, home, church, community and nation. This book will teach you how to pull the trigger against your enemy and fight with the word of faith to change your atmosphere.

…Your total freedom from whatever affliction you are suffering is at hand.