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By: Cloud Consulting  05/12/2011

A critical factor in the long-term cost-benefit of any business application is the architecture of the solution. By this, we simply mean how the major parts are connected and how they can be, or must be, changed in future. Two broad choices are available in cloud delivery models: Infrastructure-as-a-Service, IaaS, and Platform-as-a-Service, PaaS. Both IaaS and PaaS have similarities in [..]

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The objective of the talk was to speak about the postive and negative aspects of each of the roles and workflows in an Agile project. Richard Bowden from Cloud Consulting was asked to talk about “The Good, the Bad and the Cloud in Agile”. Agile Tour organised a seminar in Dublin entitled “Imagine an Agile World“.


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I’m sure we’ve all registered for a development org and had a go.


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Talks vs Developer zone: There are three levels of information available to developers, all situated on the top level. If you’re attending Cloud force in London today, here is some advice based on my experience yesterday. The most visible for the programme is the Presentation Series on, and heroku. Second is the Developer Zone where there are a variety.


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I first felt it coming on last year when as a company we ran 3 Cloud events in 1 month (in London, Belfast and Dublin just to give ourselves a challenge!). As a new company this is what you do in order to build your market. Have you experienced Cloud Fatigue yet.