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By: Khipu Networks  05/12/2011
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RFID / RTLS  (Radio Frequency Identity / Real Time Location Services)

As Wireless WiFi deployments become more advanced and business critical, industry have realised they can harvest the benefits of mobility in a number of new ways such as voice over wireless, multi-media over wireless, secure access and increasingly the use of real time location services using RFID technology.

Khipu Networks are an Ekahau Gold Partner and are experienced providers of enterprise secure wireless as well as RFID / RTLS solutions.

Founded in 2000, Ekahau is the recognized leader in location-enabling enterprise Wi-Fi networks. Ekahau's mission is to provide the easiest, most cost effective and accurate positioning solutions for locating people, assets, inventory and other objects using wireless enterprise networks. The Ekahau solution tracks wireless laptops, PDAs, VOIP phones, Wi-Fi tags and other 802.11 enabled devices.

Ekahau's solution allows businesses to keep track of valuable assets and equipment, improve the overall workflow, and improve the levels of corporate security and customer service. With Ekahau, the critical corporate resources, people and assets, will be always available at the right place and at the right time. As Ekahau's location tracking solution does not require installation of proprietary wireless infrastructure, but can be done individually over the private Wi-Fi network, the deployment cost is kept in minimum, and the overall system payback time is the fastest possible.

Real Time Location Services

The Ekahau Real-Time Location System is a wireless radio frequency solution that continually monitors and reports real-time locations of tracked resources. Unlike competing solutions which are based on Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) technology, Bluetooth or active RFID, and therefore require deployment of costly RF- antennas or receivers, Ekahau's patented RF modeling technology leverages standard Wi-Fi access points, so no proprietary infrastructure is needed. By using standard 802.11 access points and Wi-Fi tags, any Wi-Fi network can now work as the backbone and sensor network for a real-time location system. This quickly translates into faster deployment and improved cost-effectiveness.

Ekahau Application Suite

Whatever your tracking challenge may be, the Ekahau RTLS is able and willing to trace it!

Ekahau Finder is a web application for querying the locations of people and assets from web browsers. The query results display the name of the area where the object is located and a view of the object on a map of the area.

Ekahau Tracker is an application for tracking objects. It provides a real time view of the tracked area with selected objects, can automatically dispatch alerts based on location of objects and provides a location history of tracked objects.

Ekahau Logger is used for storing historical tracking information to a database, for example for analyzing the location data.

Ekahau WiFi RFID Tag

Leveraging the Ekahau RTLS software platform, Ekahau Wi-Fi tags are the core of reliable and accurate positioning systems. Ekahau Wi-Fi tags enables real-time people and asset tracking in any standard Wi-Fi network. Tags can be attached to any mobile object or asset, and can be carried by people as well. The Ekahau Positioning Engine software reports the continuous location and movements of the tags within Wi-Fi coverage area.

The most significant benefit Ekahau RTLS, including the Ekahau Wi-Fi tag, is that it operates over any standard 802.11 wireless networks. In comparison to proprietary tracking systems that require a separate network of hardware readers or gates for sensing the location of tags, Ekahau Wi-Fi tags requires no additional network hardware overlay.

T301-A WiFi Tag

The Ekahau T301-A Wi-Fi tag is Ekahaus third generation active Wi-Fi tag for asset and people tracking. With Ekahau RTLS the T301-A tag can be attached or carried by an asset or person and can be accurately located in real time using standard 802.11b/g infrastructure. It is most suitable for tracking equipment, personnel or high value assets in hospitals, educational institutions,  manufacturing plants or in any other type of facility where knowledge of the actual and up-to-date location improves efficiency and safety.

T301-A provides the following features:

- Very low power consumption provides battery life up to 5 years.
- Intelligent motion sensor that activates the tag only when the tracked object is moving.

- Works in any standard 802.11 b/g wireless network infrastructure.
- Includes wireless configuration and management remotely anywhere within the wireless network coverage area. The remote management automates configuration changes, battery level monitoring and even tag software upgrades.
- Two programmable buttons that can be configured to send alarms or other messages to applications.
- Optical tamper switch to trigger an alarm on tamper or theft.
- Two LEDs and a buzzer that can be remotely activated.

The tag is attached to tracked equipment or carried by a person in their pocket or by using a wristband. Its small form factor and weight allows mounting to even small or unusually shaped assets. The dust and water proof enclosure with rubber sealing allows the tag to be used in various environments including outdoors or indoors under dusty conditions, such as mines and plants.

We can provide demonstration facilities, product evaluations, design, implementation and support services for the entire Ekahau product range.

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