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By: Khipu Networks  05/12/2011
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Khipu Networks are the most experienced Bradford Networks business partner worldwide, experience is vital when a product integrates across your entire network and security infrastructure.

Since 2005 Khipu Networks have been the most successful reseller of Bradford Networks and have now deployed and support over 250 systems across the UK & Ireland. 

Khipu Networks were awarded Bradford Networks International Partner of the Year for our consistent success and 99% customer retention performance.

Recognised and selected by Bradford Networks for our expertise in all areas of Network Access Control across both Wired / Wireless and VoIP integrated networks, Khipu Networks have more experience in Network Access Control in the UK and Ireland than any other vendor or supplier. By August 2010,  our customer base had over 750,000 devices being securely managed by Bradford Networks everyday.

For Network Access Control- Speak to Khipu Networks about how we can secure and control your infrastructure.

Bradford Networks have three main product lines:

  • Bradford Campus Manager - For Educational Institutions (Special Pricing / licensing and features)
  • Bradford NAC Director - For the Enterprise (Corporate Development path)
  • Bradford Guest Manager - For the provision and management of secure Guest and Contractor services

Bradford Networks is the leading all-in-one enterprise network policy enforcement product.

Bradford Networks NAC meets and exceeds the requirements for the a wide range of customers:-

  • Government
  • Corporate
  • Education
  • Health

Solutions are available to support from 100 users up to 100,000 users and above. Khipu Networks have the experience and knowledge to tailor a solution to meet customers exact requirements. Bradford Networks products does not replace existing investment in security tools or network investment, but integrates with and leverages your current investment to provide a greater return on investment.

The Bradford Networks solution has a number of key benefits:-


Bradford Networks NAC is an all-in-one appliance solution, which can be installed into virtually any network infrastructure with zero impact. Bradford Networks NAC only interacts or manages the network as required by the customer and can be rolled out port by port or user by user if required.

  • out of band solution (not inline / not gateway device)
  • Wired and Wireless Support
  • Zero latency introduced
  • Not bandwidth restricting
  • Not a single point of failure (*providing hotstandby system purchased)
  • Network topology does not need changing.
  • Supports virtually all networks
  • clientless and client version available for endpoint checking
  • Infinitely Flexible


Bradford Networks NAC can help ensure that the computing devices on the network meet the minimum required security standards and that the network is safe and secure. This security-management application can perform scans on each network device prior to being placed on the live network.

Devices that are at risk are placed in a secure Quarantine VLAN where they can remediate the issues without help-desk intervention (self help).

  • Check operating system type and patch levels
  • Check anti-virus application type and definition version levels
  • Check to ensure anti-spyware applications are installed
  • Check for required or prohibited applications (blacklist/whitelist/warnings)
  • Identify and block rogue access points or routers
  • Identify and block rogue hubs
  • Identify and block rogue DHCP servers
  • Identify and block dual-boot machines / vmware etc.


Bradford Networks NAC can help control who has authorised access to the network. All devices that connect to the network can be placed in a Registration VLAN until the device is properly registered. Another layer of protection requires the user to authenticate before connecting to the network. Each user and device on your network is registered and tracked by Bradford Networks NAC to enhance security and access control.

Role-based access functionality ensures that users are connected to specific VLANs depending on the type of service authorised. The result is tight control over who has access to your network.

  • Control unauthorised access to your network
  • Registration policies for all devices on your network
  • Authorisation policies for all users on your network
  • Role-based access management dynamic VLAN assignment
  • Support for Captive Portal, 802.1x, Single Sign-on (Windows only), RADIUS
  • Integrates with Microsoft Active Director, Novell eDirectory and other LDAP compliant authentication servers 


Bradford Networks NAC is a powerful tool to help enforce your network's acceptable use policy. Whether it is tracking unwanted activities such as gaming, music file sharing, or instant messaging, the functionality in Bradford Networks NAC will help you enforce your specific network policies to ensure that clients on the network do not abuse services.

In addition, Bradford Networks NAC can interact with devices to protect the network from zero day virus attacks and worms.

Bradford Networks NAC interfaces with many 3rd party solutions to gather critical information to determine if network violations are occurring. The result is identification, notification, problem isolation, and corrective action.

  • Enforce acceptable network use policies
  • Control chatting, gaming, and file sharing
  • Protect the network from worms, viruses, hacking attempts
  • Limit bandwidth usage
  • Interface with IDS, traffic shapers, and other external devices
  • Receive and react to SNMP, Syslog alerts.


Taking corrective action to address specific network situations is a powerful component of the Bradford Networks NAC solution. To accomplish network security and control we can isolate users onto a unique VLAN, force registration, force remediation, and even disconnect non-compliant devices from the network.

Bradford Networks NAC has the ability to create a detailed association linking the MAC address, IP, user name, and physical port location of each user on your network. This provides the ability to effectively monitor, locate, control, and resolve network problems down to the exact location of the user and device.

  • Enable/disable ports control user activity at the port level
  • Enable/disable users
  • Multi-vendor network hardware support (Alcatel-Lucent, Aruba Networks, Cisco, 3COM, HP, Foundry, Extreme, etc.)
  • Device mapping database locate by any attributes: name, IP, MAC, etc.
  • Switch at risk users to a Quarantine area


The Bradford Networks NAC solution collects information from the network, correlates that information against your established policies and allows your IT or Security Department to effectively take corrective actions.

  • Provide all clients managed network access
  • Manage, secure, and control all wired and wireless network devices
  • Reduce the time to detect and remediate network problems
  • Remediation is self-help based maximising usage of your network support staff
  • Vendor independent solution extensive multi-vendor interoperability
  • Enforce network authentication and registration policies
  • Integrate with existing authentication systems (RADIUS, Active Directory, LDAP, and Kerberos)
  • Identify, locate, and track network clients quickly audit trail of each network connection
  • Connection-based security scanning detect and verify anti-virus, anti-spyware, and OS patch levels
  • Dynamic VLAN switching
  • Isolate 'at risk' users in a Quarantine area
  • Significant event alarms and notification
  • Appliance based non-invasive solution

Who can benefit from Bradford Networks NAC solutions?

Bradford Networks NAC solutions deployed and supported by Khipu Networks can provide significant benefits to any Organisation that is serious in its approach to the Security and Support of an enterprise network.

As Regulatory Agencies insist on organisations improving and complying to Information Security Management System (ISMS) processes and policies, many organisations struggle with implementing even basic policies across an enterprise network. Fewer organisations can accurately report on the actual effectiveness of an implementation.

For instance:

  • Organisations have "Acceptable Use Policies", however very few can confirm that users have read, understood or actually comply to the policies that are meant to secure and protect Company and Customer assets.
  • Security Managers may have a full report of access and intrusions from the corporate firewall, but very few are aware if unauthorised users / devices are connected to your internal network.
  • 3rd Party Access Many organisations struggle to manage and control 3rd party access for contractors, consultants and visiting business units.

Bradford Networks NAC is a vendor independent solution that can be deployed into any network. Deployment can be transparent to report on the status of the network or organisations may choose to secure and report on the network immediately.

We Have Solutions For:

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