Google Hummingbird Software Changes SEO Forever

By: Gizump Marketing  03/03/2014
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Hummingbird search engine aiming at mobile search & voice activated. Google have now "unofficially" confirmed that the new Hummingbird search engine software went live some three months ago. The software is an amalgam of the original software plus Panda & Penguin algorithms. The new software is known to contain AI (artificial intelligence) software and we will see significant differences in natural language search capability. Anyone that's met Google founder, Larry Page will tell you that his obsession is AI and I for one, expect to see it become more and more important in the future. Still to be checked out fully is the new Knowledge Graph being tested by Google. It's in it's infancy, but many of think it and natural language search capability will be an important part of Google's future. Mobile friendly web site detection. Google sees mobile as a dominant trend, and believes that this will increase the demand for voice searching capabilities. Hummingbird contains capabilities to check web sites for mobile device capability and is thought to be demoting sites that are not mobile friendly. I suspect that they are close to perfecting the algorithm that only returns mobile friendly sites to searches made from mobile devices and that we will see significant advances in this area very soon. Clamp down on guest blog's. Google today stepped up their campaign against paid & exchange link schemes. They contacted senior SEO professionals yesterday to warn us that if any of our clients operate a gust blog it was time to shut it down. They have been warning about guest blogging for more than a year now. Guest bogging has been used as a way to generate link backs by unscrupulous SEO companies and Google have now called time on the practice. We now know that the new Hummingbird software detects reciprocal and paid links in blog's. This warning confirms that they will demote or remove from the index any site in violation of this warning.

Keywords: search engine optimisation, web design, Web Marketing

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