By: Coisceim Tralee  05/12/2011

Reiki is a Japanese word in which the first syllable, REI means spirit, aura or subtle energy. The second syllable KI means energy or power.

Different cultures and spiritual paths have different names for this energy. In China it is called "Qi" and in India called "Shakti" or "Prana". In English we use terms such as Life Force Or Divine Energy. It is now becoming widely accepted and understood that human beings are now more than just physical beings. We are also mental, emotional and spiritual beings. When all of these aspects of ourselves are in balance and harmony, we experience health, peace and happiness in our lives. It is when we are out of balance that sickness, disease, anxiety, stress and depression often occur.

Life force energy flows through each and every living thing. When this energy is flowing freely and uninhibited, then a state of balance exists within the person. It is when this energy is blocked or inhibited that a state of imbalance occurs and this often results in sickness, tension, anxiety etc. Reiki is a "hands on" method of healing. Reiki energy is channelled through the healer and works on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

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Energetic Massage Therapy

It is force or power in your body like electricity and like a light bulb is connected to a switch by means of wires, we are connected to this force through meridians or energy lines and when those meridians get blocked we suffer pain. They contain more of what we call "ENERGY" or CHI as the Chinese say or KI in Japanese. Energetic Massage means an holistic therapy rather than just a physical treatment.



Reflexoligists do not isolate a disease and treat it symptomatically, nor do they work specifically on a problem organ or system, but on the whole person with the object of inducing a state of balance and harmony. Sensitive, trained hands can detect tiny deposits in the feet, in these areas the reflexologist will work carefully to release tension and restore the free flow of energy to the whole system.


Polarity Therapy

It is based on the work of Dr. Randolf Stone who integrated his work as a Naturopath, Osteopath and Chiropractor with the Eastern concepts of energy flow in the Ayurvedic System of India, as well as the Chinese and Egyptian Hermetic Systems.


Bach Flower Remedies

The late Edward Bach, gave up his lucrative practice in 1930 to devote his full time to seek energies in the plant world which would restore vitality to the sick, so that the sufferer would be able to overcome his worry, his apprehensions, etc and to assist in his own healing. Bach Flower Remedies pronounced Batch were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach who had practised for over 20 years as a Harley Street consultant, bacteriologist and homoeopath.


Baby Massage

Can improve sleep pattern, enhance development and boost immunity. It can also help to relieve the pain of Colic and Constipation. Meet other parents in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Learn to massage your baby in weekly group classes. It is relaxing for both mother and baby. Baby Massage is an ancient art.