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By: Ireland Vacation Magazine  05/12/2011
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Kit C

Hi– I’m planning a family vacation to Ireland. There will be four of us traveling and our parents are Seniors. My dad’s in great shape, my mom has a little trouble climbing stairs, and walking long distances, She does well with her cane though. This will be our first time visiting, and a life long dream of my mother’s. Could you please share some of your travel wisdom with me?

I know that my parents are going to want to see all of the tourist traps where as I would Love to see more of the countryside. So any insight that you could offer would be very much appreciated. I’m afraid that my mom might fall behind if we go on a structured tour, but I am open to all suggestions that you may have. Thanks!

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We’re looking to take a 10 day vacation in Ireland. We have no idea where to start, where to go, how to go or how much it’ll cost!! My husband doesn’t want to go to a bunch of places that are too tourist-y. He wants authentic all the way. Though I do want to see at least one castle! We’re 21 and 20 and from Corpus Christi, TX if it helps! We want to see traditional, not tourist ireland. Thanks all!

Mira Knight

I’ve been looking at some vacation spots, and I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland. I found this place http://www.tourismresources.ie/cht/leinster.htm but I can’t find any pictures or reviews on it. If anyone’s been there let me know how you liked it. If you can post some pictures too, I’d appreciate it as well




Okay. I seriously need this vacation, so I’d like to see how much this stuff is going to cost. I’d like to visit Ireland. Not Dublin But maybe a smaller villiage, something more serene. How much will the round trip, passport, visa, pub, taxi cab, and food cost together and are there any other expenses I’ll need to know about?


It seems in the last few years everyone I know is going to Ireland for a vacation (they all like it). And I’m always seeing things on tv about going to Ireland. Has it always been such a big vacation country, or is this a new thing?


Daily fashion like do they wear jeans and tshirts? Going on a vacation and dont want to stand out thanks!!


i was planning a vacation to ireland for next year. i am from miami, fl. but i would like to have the opinion of someone who lives in ireland on where you think i should go. i want to go to some place that does not have too much tourism. Also, that has lots of great views and somewhere that is not far from the beach. does galway fit this description? any ideas or thoughts would be great. a website would be perfect too. thanks!!

” galway is very “touristy”.” is this true

?? omg someone PLEASE HELP. i want to get to know the people from ireland and places. not bump into someone from california or new york. i need to know any city that is full of irish people. thank you!

or what about dublin

?? is that a good city? (and remember i’d like nice views as well with good clubs)

going on vacation to Ireland. What is it like. What do I need to bring on vacation in Ireland.


Hi, we’re going on a vacation to Ireland. I had planned this trip a long time ago and everything was booked and perfect, but the other person going with me ran into some crap with the army.

So I had to change the flight and everything else. I could only change the flight to May because it was all that I could afford. The problem is that the hotel I had is now more and there is no way I can afford it. Same with the car. We’re now traveling on little money and I’m pretty annoyed about it, but what can you do? We can either take this trip or lose $2,000. So my question is- Would it be weird if we stayed at a hostel? We’re both married but still young. but not really young. She is 31 and I am 28. We look younger than that (not sure that really matters but people might not notice) I would rather have privacy- but again- what can you do?

Any suggestions? Thank you : )

I don’t even know what a chat up line is.

No, I can not- The airlines refuse to make any changes.

However, the company I booked through will, but it makes no difference if the airlines won’t.

I figure what “a chat up line” is. and no I assure you it is not.

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Lorelei’s Mommy

Anyone have any ideas, good places to be in Ireland for about a week vacation?

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Keywords: european vacations

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I am wondering if I should purchase a pre-paid phone when I get there, or should I pay cingulars world connect roaming rates. I’m going on vacation this summer and I was wondering where you guys would recommend going out of these options. We want to fly first class, and stay in nice castles and 4 star hotels. I travel to europe a lot, but I always have my hotels pre-booked. Any tips for this kind of travel or any tips on souveniers.


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Im doing a school project and im setting up an imaginary vacation, but I need to know the real cost for an airline ticket from Canada to Ireland. Our travel dates would be anywhere from the last week of July to sometime around August16th. Our flights have not been booked yet because I am trying to find the best fare for us. This will be me and my fiance’s first time ever to leave the USA. How much does a passport cost.


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Primarily non stop for travel from Tampa airport USA, to London or Ireland. If there is 6 or 10 passanger planes that anyone knows of let me know. If anyone knows they can say so in nuatical miles or just miles.


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There are many sites of natural, historic and religious interest on the lakes which are mostly contained in the surrounding Killarney National Park. There are also some airports here such as Kerry Airport, which is located in Farranfore in the midst of Tralee and Killarney. The site was also mined extensively by the Herbert family of Muckross House during the early 19th century.


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The one exception is Collosus Casino Sporting Club, which is located in Stephen Green. The 76 Casino has gaming similar to the Colossus, except it only has 6 table games. The Merrion Casino Club offers 10 poker tables and six table games. The Mayfair Casino Club has two poker tables and nine table games. Ireland casinos are located almost exclusively in Dublin.


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For those wishing to travel by car, rental cars can be picked up at almost all major Irish locations including Dublin Airport, Shannon, Rosslare Port and of course in Cork Airport of City itself. Cork city has a great reputation for its’ friendly people and is home to Murphy’s Irish Stout, the Guinness Jazz Festival, famous ex Irish footballer Roy Keane amongst other things.