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By: Hyper-fi I.t  05/12/2011

Solutions - We offer a number of options to provide you with a complete service:

Basic Option

This package is designed for home users that wish to setup a complete PC and Internet system in their home. This includes:

  • Design & build of a tailor made system to your desired specification
  • Incorporation of external hardware peripherals with the PC
  • Delivery and setup at your home
  • Installation and setup of Internet ISP software. I.E Eircom, Permanet, and many others.

Advanced Option

Designed for those users that wish to install a basic network infrastructure in their property, incorporating two or more computers connected to wall sockets, and connected to the Internet via a single Gateway linked to and ADSL broadband connection*:

  • Includes the same build and setup options as the basic package.
  • CAT5e or CAT6 network cabling installed around the property along with wall sockets.
  • Setup of shared peripherals such as printers, Scanners and All in Ones.
  • Internet Gateway setup and configured to each PC.

Wireless Option

Similar to the Advanced package but designed for those that prefer a wireless home network system:

  • Includes the same options as the Advanced package without the CAT5e/CAT6 cabling.
  • No wires necessary - the Internet Gateway acts a single Wireless Access Point and Internet connection.
  • All PCs are installed with Wireless Network Adapters to link with the Internet Gateway.

*Customers are required to provide the broadband connection prior to installation. We can provide advice on the best ADSL options available or arrange and setup the service for you, which will be included in a solution package at no extra cost.

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