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By: Dunboy Greener Homes  05/12/2011
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Dunboy Greener Homes offers a complete domestic insulation & energy efficiency service namely;

  • Attic Insulation
  • Cavity Wall Insulation
  • Chimney Control Cowl
  • Attic Stairs & Draught Proofed Insulated Hatch

For both Attic & Cavity Wall insulation we use, the recognised brand & market leader in insulation products, Rockwool.

The natural characteristics of Rockwool mineral wool provide a combination of advantages;

  • It is energy saving which reduces fuel bills
  • It is fire safe which protects buildings
  • It offers acoustic improvement to reduce noise nuisance.
  • Fully certified by the Irish Agrément Board (I.A.B)
  • N.S.A.I Compliant

Attic Insulation

  • Attic insulation acts as a blanket trapping heat rising from the living space below and can typically reduce heating costs by up to 20 %.
  • Insulation is blown into the attic space, to a dept of approx 270mm, which complies with current building regulations.
  • Our trained technicians can install loft insulation in a typical home in under two hours
  • Dunboy Greener Homes, install as standard, a 4.8 metre X 2.4 metre platform on which you can store your attic belongings post installation of your attic insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation

  • External walls are made of two layers with a cavity between them. Filling this cavity with insulating material reduces heat loss through the walls.
  • Installed from the outside of the house through a series of small holes approximately the size of a 1 euro coin.
  • Once the insulation is installed the holes are then filled in & painted.
  • Normally completed within 3 to 4 hours, without damage or mess to your house or garden.
  • Helps create an even temperature throughout your home and prevent condensation on the walls and ceilings.

Chimney Control Cowl

This is a spring loaded cap fitted to the top of your chimney which will:

  • Reduce heat loss to your room by up to 66%
  • Control the draught level in your fire and save fuel
  • Reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions by over 500kg per annum
  • Reduce outside noise
  • Prevent rain getting into your chimney
  • Prevent birds nesting in your chimney
  • Can be installed onto a chimney in under 45 minutes approx.

Attic Stairs & Insulated Draught Proof Hatch

The attic entrance is typically the most overlooked source of energy loss in homes today. An attic entrance causes a number of problems in your home;

  • Higher cost to heat your home – 35% of the heat loss in your home is via the roof, having your attic hatch insulated can reduce this figure significantly. In cold weather, the hot air flows into your attic much like through a large chimney.
  • Uncomfortable areas in your home - The air leaks from the attic can cause draughts to the other parts of your home during winter.
  • A big source of mould - When hot air meets cold, condensation results. In a dark area, mould grows. That mould becomes airborne and can move throughout the living area.
  • Roof damage - When there is excessive condensation, the sub roofing above the entrance can warp or rot.

The attic stairs allows for;

  • Easy access to your attic
  • Airtight seal, around the hatch, to reduce heat loss
  • Different models available to cover the majority of house types, both old & new.
  • Installation can be done in as little as two to three hours.

Keywords: Cavity Wall Insulation, Chimney, Insulation, Wall Insulation

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