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By: Kerry Aptunion  05/12/2011
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Kerry produces a large range of dried candied fruits.

The dried sugar infused fruits have low water activity value and a high brix residue. This allows our fruit to remain soft and have a lower sweetness level than traditional candied fruit.

The key fruits in the range are orange and lemon peel, apricot, raisin or custom specific.

Kerry fruit hearts come in a range of particle size and are the perfect ingredient for chocolate bars, cereal and muesli bars, cakes, coated centres or nougats.

Marketing Benefits: Fruit Hearts
  • 100% natural sweetened fruits
  • Fat free
  • Cholesterol free
  • Source of Dietary fibre
  • Clean Label
  • 185% fruit per 1kg dried product
  • No artificial sweeteners or preservatives.
  • Optimum moisture consistency.
  • Excellent Texture.
  • Balanced sweetness and real fruit flavour, is the result of the drying technique.
  • Strong visual appeal
  • Piece identity
  • Complementary flavour and the absence of colouring (if desired) are just a few of the many advantages of Kerry dried fruit
  • Free flow and process resistant
  • Customized size from 0.5 mm to 8mm (according to raw material)

The Applications

Cereal bars, Breakfast cereals, Cakes, Muffins, Breads, Cookies and Biscuits, chocolate coated or chocolate inclusion, desserts.

Hand held eat on-the-go, added into salads, yoghurts, cereals, health fruit snack cup = 1 fruit serving

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Keywords: Candied Fruits, cereals, fruit, Water Activity,

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