By: Ken Ryan Tree Surgeon  05/12/2011
Keywords: surveys, Tree Surgeon, Stump Grinding

Tree Surgeon and tree work by Ken Ryan Tree Surgeon Ireland. Pruning, Shaping, Felling, Stump-Grinding, Planting, High Pressure Soil Injection, Fertilisation, Foliar Feeding, Pets and Disease Management, Inspection Reports, Surveys and Decay Detection Systems.

Service Ken Ryan Tree Surgeon provides a service to private garden owners, developers, clubs, local authorities, utility service companies, corporate bodies and all other tree owners requiring a modern tree care company with experienced, educated arboricultural staff with a friendly, personal approach.

Surveys/ReportsOur staff our trained to carry out surveys/reports to individual requirements dictated by location, local environmental factors and any individual specifications which may be required by the tree owner.

Dangerous Tree Removal Dangerous trees growing in close proximity to buildings, motorways, waterways and other high-risk zones can be removed with a minimum disturbance to the surrounding environment.

Stump GrindingUnsightly stumps impeding space development can be removed up to 30cm below ground level to allow additional landscaping, foundation laying or re-surfacing as circumstance dictates.

Cobra Cable BracingThe question or bracing should be clear-cut. Before a crack appears in a weak fork, reduce the weight in the crown and install a non-invasive bracing system that is quick and easy to install. The elasticity that is introduced into the rope brings moving branches to a more gentle halt and with a bracing system now placed high up in the crown the risk of the top breaking out above the anchor point is greatly reduced.

Health and Safety Ken Ryan Tree Surgeon services are dedicated to maintaining the highest possible safety standards and all staff are trained in all aspects of health and safety in relation to tree surgery work, chain saw use, first aid, motorway traffic management, pesticide/herbicide applications and all other relevant areas. Ken Ryan Tree Surgeon services have full employers and public liability insurance and our safety statement is available on request.

Keywords: Stump Grinding, surveys, Tree Surgeon