Commercial Refrigeration Ice Machines Fridges Coldrooms

By: Kelly RAC  05/12/2011
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Commercial Refrigeration Ice Machines Fridges Coldrooms

We have teamed up with Williams Refrigeration to provide our customers with high quality award winning commercial refrigeration solutions meeting commercial catering and foodservice requirements. For over 20 years Williams Refrigeration has been a leader in refrigeration technology and design. They have gained a global reputation for strength and reliability.

We have a long history with Williams and we have found that the equipment is extremely easy to clean and operate but most of all they are long lasting, reliable and great 'value for money'.

We supply refrigeration products to bars, hotels, supermarkets, factories, offices, hospitals and even airports.

The following are a selection of the Refrigeration products we offer. To get a quotation, brochure or advice on your requirements please speak to one of our sales executives or

and we will be happy to assist.

Williams Jade Cabinets & Counters

These are general purpose cabinets for storing meat and frozen foods. They are available in a range of different sizes and temperatures and are designed and manufactured to the highest specification to meet international quality standards. A high quality stainless steel exterior and interior base is used for durability and they have easy to clean aluminium interiors.

  • Easy to position adjustable racking to suit catering requirements.
  • High-density 100% CFC free insulation.
  • Self closing lockable doors with 90° dwell.
  • Hygienic and easy to change magnetic seal
  • Swivel and brake castors for easy positioning.

Williams Blast Chillers/Freezers for Cook Chill Systems

Cook Chill is a simple, controlled system of advanced food preparation, designed to provide more flexibility in foodservice. The system involves the full cooking of food, followed by rapid chilling and storage at controlled temperatures. When required the food must be regenerated for service.

The system is completely safe provided the Department of Health Guidelines on temperature/time controls is followed. Cook Chill systems offer the caterer added flexibility and management with the benefit of not reducing food quality, nutritional value, flavor or appearance.

It's as easy as 1-2-3 with Williams Blast Chillers and Freezers. With an extensive choice of reach in and modular roll-in models, designed for wide range of capacities, featuring an advanced air flow design for uniformity of chilling/freezing of product load and eliminating risk of dehydration and damage, ensuring excellent product quality every item. All models automatically switch to storage mode following completion of blast chill cycle.

Hoshizaki Ice Machine

We are proud to be agents for Hoshizaki's Ice Machines. Hoshizaki Ice Machines are one of the best ice machines on the market place. Their motto, 'Reliability is a beautiful thing' says it all.

In any machine reliability is a major factor and Hoshizaki Ice Machines are without doubt very reliable. Every Hoshizaki machine is run-tested at the factory to ensure optimum performance and reliability and every Hoshizaki ice machine comes with its own 2 year comprehensive warranty.


  • Pure and hard cube ice - which lasts longer
  • Stainless Steel exterior for durability
  • Every machine is tested before shipping and therefore there is no adjustment required on set-up
  • Hygienic design to prevent dirt from entering the ice machine and to prevent rust.

Clenaware Glass and Ware Washing Machines

The Sovereign

The Sovereign has many unique features that make it the ideal machine for the professional multiple pub or bar operator where drinks presentation, whole life cost and system resilience are key considerations.

The E-Mech

Simplicity, reliability and high performance are the key benefits of the E-Mech range from Clenaware.  It has been developed to provide a complete answer to ware washing problems.  From the smallest bar to the busiest restaurant, the E-Mech delivers economy and results.

LP Series

The LP series will easily cope with all your washing needs.  The versatile high quality racks and accessories accept pots, bowls, sheets, trays, pans and utensils.

The 7 series

The Clenaware 7 series machines are packed with advanced features so whether you choose the 71B or its higher powered brother the 74B, you can be sure that your plates, cutlery and crockery will never let you down.  Your water and energy costs will be as low as possible, and your machine hygiene and operator safety never in doubt.

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