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By: Just Mortgages  05/12/2011

The 1999 Affordable Housing Scheme is a scheme in Ireland that aims to provide for the building of new houses in areas where house prices have created an affordability gap for lower income house purchasers (such houses are offered for sale to eligible first time purchasers at a significant discount from the market value of comparable property.)

In the first instance contact the local authority in the area where you want to live for an application form and information pack about the Affordable Housing Scheme in your area.

You may be required to supply the following information with your application:

  • A current payslip from your employer
  • An Income tax form (P60) or a PAYE balancing Sheet (P21)
  • Other documentation that may be requested by the local authority.

You may also be requested to submit a letter from your employer confirming that you are a permanent employee. For self-employed people, you may be required to submit audited accounts for the previous three years.

If you are currently living in rented accommodation, you may have to produce a statement of your weekly rent signed by the landlord.

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