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By: Jewellery Ireland  05/12/2011

The ring on your finger tells its own story.it makes a statement to everyone who looks at it.I'm married, I'm engaged, I'm fashionable, I'm elegant, I'm intelligent, I'm in love, I'm not in love. I want to be in love!

The designer hand made ring is so different. it retains memories, it tells its very own story, it holds secrets, it raises you to new heights, it rewards courage and bravery, it makes its own statement, it gives love, it inspires beauty, it creates fashion and above all it is "personal", it retains your identity, and more! Rings are a statement of life, wear your ring with pride!

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Handmade Designer Bangles - Jewellery Ireland

I'm 47 now and my girls tell me I have more bangles than Cheryl Cole, Rihanna, and Kylie Minogue, all put together. Dad bought me one for confirmation; my aunt bought me a "teenager" bangle when I was thirteen. It was my first birthday bangle, I was 5 years old and mum gave it to me. That was the start of my bangle collection.


Handmade Designer Bracelets - Jewellery Ireland

Inspired Bracelet designs that have graced the wrists of celebrities and actresses such as Princess Diana, Elle Macpherson, Sharon Stone, Halle Berry in the 007 Bond films, all eight wives of Henry VIII in the award winning TV drama, "The Tudors", Ivana Trump, Kate Moss, and Virginia Macari but to name a few!.


Handmade Designer Brooches - Jewellery Ireland

On the new casual jacket, on the new formal overcoat, on the designer blouse, on your scarf, on the office top.The gold Brooch, the silver Brooch, the vintage Brooch, the classic Brooch, the vintage Brooch.who cares. With dignity, with elegance, with confidence, with style.such an important accessory for a woman, such a small piece of jewellery that can inspire you, influence acquaintances impress your friends.


Handmade Designer Necklaces - Jewellery Ireland

She tells him it is designer hand made especially just for their first date.it's not my favourite necklace, I have several she tells him.the silver necklace, the charm necklace, the vintage necklace, the short necklace, the long dress necklace, they are all my family, I feel naked without them.do you like my neck.


Handmade Designer Pendants - Jewellery Ireland

The inspiration of the designer to create and hand craft an object of beauty that adorns the necklace, that hangs from the chain with pride, that shape that oozes fashion, personifies beauty and never ages. The pendant has now become one of the most fashionable pieces of jewellery that can be worn with a high-neck or a low-neck dress. What transforms a beautiful necklace in to a wonderful pendant. Only available on Jewellery Ireland.