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By: Jd Resources  05/12/2011

The Onset and Rime programme consists of 59 self contained word families. The word bank consists of 434 words. Each word family has its own initial sounds, double, triple blends and endings.

This programme is designed for use on the Magnetic Whiteboard or may be used on the tabletop.

Word book included with programme.

Word endings: at, ot, et, it, ut, ag, eg, ig, og, ug, an, in, en, on, un, ay, ey, oy, uy, ab, ib, ob, ub, ap, ip, op, up, ad, ed, id, od, ud, im, as, is, us, zx, ox, ix, am, em, om, um, aw, and, uff, uzz, ing, ass, all, ell, ill, oll, ull, ack, ake, ate, ade.

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