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By: Japnuts  05/12/2011
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Japnuts is not a vehicle dealership, we are an import agency specialising in the location and importation of Japanese vehicles to order on behalf of our clients. You purchase your vehicle direct from the Japanese Auction or Dealer Network using our trade accounts with several major Japanese vehicle export companies. We locate the vehicle for you and arrange purchase, shipping, and importation into Ireland or the UK.

1 - Estimate: Starting with your initial inquiry, we provide an estimate of cost, so that we are clear on just what you are after. We ask for detailed information from you, so we can provide accurate information from the beginning.

Our estimate is based on your requirements. As long as your budget is sufficient for the vehicle you're after & the vehicle is likely to be available, we will be prepared to find the vehicle you order, or better. Remember: even if you budget too much, it doesn't matter. We operate a system of supplying the best vehicle we can find, plus a set fee. If we can obtain your vehicle for a lower price, then you make the corresponding saving.

Sample Estimate

* subject to variation based on vehicle size / weight

** Subject to exchange rate variations during time elapsed while shipping to Ireland

*** VRT is calculated on the Open Sale Market Price (OSMP) of the vehicle in Ireland at the time it is first registered. This figure is determined by the VRT office and can vary as it is dependant on market  conditions, and the age and condition of the vehicle being registered. The figure shown is a current estimate obtained from  the Revenue Commissioners VRT quotation system

2 - Deposit: When you are ready to proceed, we ask for a deposit of 10% of the estimated value of the vehicle (minimum deposit is €1,000) & a completed purchase authorisation form. This deposit is fully refundable without question, should you for any reason need to cancel before a vehicle is purchased or reserved on your behalf.

Note: Once a vehicle has been purchased or reserved on your behalf, the deposit cannot be refunded. Cancellation of a purchase at this time incurs significant costs to our Japanese agents, and the deposit is used to pay these costs.

3 Sourcing a vehicle: We will keep you informed via e-mail whilst searching for your vehicle. Sometimes it can take a few weeks to find the right vehicle. In addition to accessing the major Japanese auctions daily, we have buyers searching  throughout Japan for the vehicle you require. No news simply means we haven't found it yet. We don't buy or bid on the first vehicle which comes along. It must meet or exceed your requirements and our quality standards. We deal only with reputable sources experienced in the sourcing and export of vehicles.

4 - Bidding or Purchasing: When a suitable vehicle is located, we e-mail or fax you  photographs and details. We will also provide you with an estimated auction price or the dealer network price. You then decide whether to bid for or purchase the vehicle. We do not bid for or purchase any vehicle without your consent.

The vehicles are sourced from auctions or from the Japanese dealer network. If the vehicle is being auctioned,  you will be competing with other buyers to purchase the vehicle. If the vehicle is for sale via the Dealer Network we will be able to provide you with a fixed price for the purchase of the vehicle. 

5 - Servicing: If you wish, we can arrange for the vehicle to be inspected and serviced prior to shipment. We recommend that all vehicles with higher mileages (80,000km or over) have the cam belt/chain replaced. We can also arrange for the installation of additional parts or accessories and/or the servicing or renewal of other components such as brakes or suspension if required. A service typically costs approx 250 Euro.

6 - Shipping : Usually, ships sail every 4 weeks, from Japan to Ireland (Dublin). We arrange for your vehicle to be shipped on the first vessel available. 

Shipping typically takes between 5 and 7 weeks. 

Before the vehicle arrives, we arrange customs clearance, etc. so the vehicle needn't spend un-necessary time waiting at the docks upon arrival. It usually takes 3-4 days for vehicles to be unloaded and cleared by Irish customs.

7 - Payments:  

A. If your auction bid is successful or you agree a  price for a car available via the dealer network, you must pay 50% of the agreed auction/dealer price, handling agent fees, and shipping costs for the vehicle to our business account within 3 working days. This payment must be made by bank draft or direct fund transfer to our account. We will then arrange for the vehicle to be inspected by our Japanese agents and shipped from Japan.

B. When the vehicle is shipped, we will require the second payment which is the balance of the agreed auction/dealer price, handling agent fees, and shipping costs for the vehicle. This payment must be made by direct fund transfer to our account. Our Japanese agent will then release the ownership documents to us.

C. Around 3 weeks before the vessels arrival, we ask you for a third payment (less your original deposit), to cover Import duties, VAT, port & customs charges and our fees.

D. VRT (Vehicle Registration Tax): All cars registered in the Republic of Ireland are subject to VRT. This is assessed by the VRO (Vehicle Registration Office) and is calculated based on the Irish Market Value (OSMP) of the Vehicle taking into account its' mileage and condition. Japnuts will provide you with an estimate of VRT prior to purchase, however the final figure may vary based on a final assessment of the vehicle. This must be paid prior to registration and release of the vehicle. Once this has been paid, they will issue you with a registration number and the car will be registered in your name  as the first Irish keeper. You will also need to inform your local NCT or DOE centre in order that the car can be registered on their database and tested.

Customers in Northern Ireland and the UK do not have to pay VRT.

Note: Vehicles will not be released to customers until all payments have been received and cleared by Japnuts. 

8 - Radio & Alarm: 

If you wish, Japnuts can arrange can arrange the fitting of a new stereo or the modification of the existing stereo (where fitted) to receive Irish FM radio stations. (charge applies).

We can also arrange the installation of a vehicle alarm/immobiliser (recommended for all sports vehicles) if required.(charge applies).

9 - Pick up your vehicle: 

Once the vehicle has been registered, you can pick it up from our base in Wicklow, or we can arrange to have it delivered to you anywhere in Ireland (Delivery charges apply.)

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

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